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This sounds great, man. I woiuld ask her when's her birthday, and then follow up with "So, you're still in high school or what?", just to reiterate and get her to follow up if she's 18 or not.

I'm thinking of asking her friend that she works with about her age. To be honest I don't know what to do at this point, since this is at my job the whole thing feels awkward.

why is it so awkward? Do you act like not a normal person at work? Don't flirt with anyone?

Do you not flirt with or hit on girls outside of work?

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@sterling said:

Ask the manager how old she is. Just bring it up as natural as possible in conversation. And then if she is 18, just straight up ask her out on a date. The end.

yeah bro. You are over analyzing everything. She likes you, move on. Ask her and that's the end of it.

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They aren't even similar games. I don't know what you're talking about here.

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The best open world game I've played is Red Dead Redemption. The world was awesome in that game and overall it's one of my favorite games ever.

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Does Mount & Blade: Warband count as an open world game?

This is my pick as well.

I feel like the way it pulls out of direct control makes it not one... great game though! I can't wait for the sequel.

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Maybe this is super obvious, but just want to advocate for the Teleport spell with a couple uses. My party has two mages and both of them have it. Very useful if you're playing with only one melee character.

  • Use the spell on enemy casters or archers and drop them right next to your warrior in the thick of the melee or into AoE spells and damage. I've been dropping enemies into burning space or electrified pools that I'm using to stun groups of melee enemies. Even next to my fighter for their whirlwind attack. The spell in itself does solid damage from falling to ranged units so this can really be effective.
  • Use it to get rid of pesky melee enemies that rush your soft, ranged units. You should be able to toss the enemy pretty far away and buy yourself time.
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A also have a much sadder spreadsheet of the currency gained from each series of fights in Injustice (mobile) for maximum grinding potential.

You're a monster.

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@soap said:

For example, he talks a lot of shit about Anime and Football(soccer) for someone who doesn't care about it, and it's weirdly frustrating to hear him ragging on stuff other people like, especially as he likes wrestling... I just imagine he would understand how that can feel and be less of a jerk about it though. I'm sure he'll mellow in time though.

So he does exactly what Jeff always does?

@pweidman said:

You know, he's a mid-westerner, and I wonder what living in the bay area, and SF proper is like for him. Maybe his tastes will expand considering the more diverse culture here and the current community he's around now.

Dude, I lived int the Midwest. We had burritos. There were people that weren't white. We got to hear the same music as everyone. It's not that different. Sounds like Dan just had quirks while growing up and this was one of those.

He said he never ate pickles and like mustard and ketchup. We are talking really basic shit here.

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Dan is great. He's goofy and actually yes does have quite a few similarities to Jeff in my mind. He's doing a great job so far.

Also just on a personal note, I have at least one of the same issues (driving) that he does, so nice to identify with that.

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I think for me it is also a bit underrated in that any game you could get for PS2 or Xbox, personally the Xbox version was always my choice. I really preferred the controls (for shooters it was no contest way better) and you had all the space from the hard drive. Things ran better and looked sharper.

A lot of interesting exclusive games too but that is one part of the system that's underrated now.