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@gorkamorkaorka: good post man. I hate to be almost as bad as some 7 haters but I just find their responses so over the top whenever the game comes up. It's a classic.

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It's a classic for me but frankly I find it impossible to tell you coming to it in 2014. Especially since you haven't even played a single JRPG.

I would watch some videos of it to see what you're getting into and then decide.

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I totally agree. I had a PC that whole time and played shooters on it and still loved Golden Eye. Personally though I think Perfect Dark is the game to talk about (it's a much better follow up).

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Yeah the embargo is days before.

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I hope this makes Japanese publishers and developers realize that there is a big Western market for SRPGs and it exists on the PC, not the handheld.

It has driven me crazy for years.

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I'm not surprised it doesn't have a rabid following but personally I am excited for it. Love me some top down shooters and I love that this one has a slower more deliberate pace (which is my favorite for the genre, even though it's super rare).

It looks like basically Dawn of War but you control the heroes individually. Which I'm super into.

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I was betting you guys would have already nailed this and you have. All my favorites are already in here.

The only other one I can think of is the DBZ the Movie Quick Look but that had many moments over just one I guess. Still ridiculous.

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Still the dumbest fucking story.

Nice work though!

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Imagine how good of a game this can be if they actually do halfway decent missions and a plot that is any better than one of the worst game stories I've ever had to play in JC 2. Or not play. I mean that was the beauty of JC 2 (and I still played it a lot) but there is so much potential.

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Sounds like everything I wanted. Very excited.