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@bisonhero: I mean judge for yourself. It's pretty insane to me. I hate pre-order bonuses all together (which is why I don't pre-order a game until maybe the day before it comes out and there are reviews) but this basically has it so you can't even get all the bonsues in one go. You were selecting options from tiers like you were making a load out in Call of Duty or something. Plus it seems to me it's trying to leverage players into marketing the game for them by getting other players to pre-order the game so they can get an extra costume or something which is shitty.

I think the example you provide sucks too in its ways but at least it's basically you just get a free game possibly out of it. That is about as good of a pre-order bonus as you could get.

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Well that's good. There's a lot of complaining online but sometimes it's right and some good comes about from it.

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I think it's a pretty demanding tactical game but it isn't insanely hard and doesn't have the early game "my characters are totally useless" problem a lot of cRPGs have.

The combat though is really great and what makes the game what it is (that and the interacting magic and environment systems, which tie into the combat). My issues are with every other part of the game. But if you just want some really great combat this is the game for you. I sped through all the rest and played it like it was XCOM for about 60 hours and had a good time. The combat is about as good as you'll find in that genre and has its own unique mechanics that are very interesting.

EDIT: just remembered I played this on the "Hard" equivalent difficulty mode so I would say on normal it might not be as demanding as I say. But if you like tactics games and are pretty good at them I did really like it on that difficulty.

And I should also say I can't speak to the differences between the original release and the enhanced edition. There seem to be substantial changes. I am interested in going back to this version myself.

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Yeah damn this does look really cool.

Parts of it kind of remind me of Space Marine in how you can quickly go between melee and ranged attacks.

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@mirado: haha okay well that seems like a big bug. Not something I ever saw at least. Nothing even close to it.

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@berserker976: Listen... you just keep mostly saying plot points as they relate to Snake. You are bringing up how he views or resents himself because of plot points in MG2. I'm talking about how he is as a person. He has a respect for fighting and what his role is, but he sure murders a lot of soldiers for a guy who has so much "respect and pity" for them. And he is the tool of others again and again, not really showing much individual knowledge or personal growth. Him responding to Meryl, him responding to the genetic cloning that occurred and his relationship to Big Boss and how he is handled in that role, him "starting to do what he personally feels right" aka just fighting the bad guys and letting Ocelot be his Colonel Cambell that tells him what his mission objectives are: that's plot, conflict, and relationships. I'm talking really what is this guy as an individual. Like I keep saying, don't talk about the plot.

The whole ending for his character in 4 is about him just doing what he is told to do, to the point where it kills him (or nearly does), and then he walks away to live. This was also the message in 1 but he didn't really learn it there (again... so what is his character? He pretty much goes against what his one real trait is there so he doesn't seem to have much of an individual will, does he?), diving back into things in 2 (which maybe he felt a duty to, whatever, the point remains) If there's anything to Solid Snake, it is that he is willing to walk away, finally, from the war at some point by the end of things and Big Boss says that at the end of 4 (paraphrasing it: you wouldn't have made the same mistakes in my position. I take from V that Big Boss is very much a war mongerer and will never walk away).

And you miss the point as far as Venom. I am not arguing Venom has more character than Solid Snake. I would say he does have less, but that's less than extremely little. The point is he has virtually the same character development and then that has a point in what the themes of the story of V are as well. The whole point is Venom is duped into thinking he is Big Boss, so he acts like Big Boss would. He is Big Boss for all purposes. You would just transcribe Big Boss' characteristics onto him. And Big Boss doesn't have much personality either. And in the end, Venom is Big Boss (Big Boss says they are one). So what does that say about the Snake role if any soldier can assume it?

Like I said, Kojima trimmed the fat in the storytelling in various ways, including the Snake character's dialogue. Less than a tiny fraction of character development that occurred for the Snake characters in the other games. If what we can say about Solid Snake is that he is brave and merciful, that is not much to say about a character, especially the hero of a story. That is the case in basically all heroic stories. And frankly what I propose above about him walking away from fighting as a characteristic is pretty thin because that really just works in relationship to how much the whole plot of the games is based on war and keeping a war going, how that is vital to the soldier having a purpose. Like I said, MGS is about plot and themes, not characters.

Also, just as an aside, most games don't have complex character development either. MGS is far from alone in this regard. I just can't see why people are trying to say it's there.

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I agree with particularly the first point. I mean at the least, I think we can agree the whole "Chapter" designation works contrary to what almost everyone would think of as chapters. Those can be substantial, obviously it varies, but I think at the least "Act" would be more appropriate.

I personally think some of those harder missions are cool so I don't think they should be removed. However, they should be presented differently so as not to confuse people.

Some of the structure seems very similar to PW. I feel the same way you do but I guess Kojima just loves that style. I like a lot of the ways V plays with expectations as far as storytelling styles and structure but I do think there are just some straight up flaws or you could improve with tweaks.

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I think his ability to sense enemies is actually diminished by sand storms. I can't tell you 100% this is the case but I usually was using him and even when I was I believe I had moments where I kind of stumbled into enemies during a storm.

Could it be that the game tries to discourage sprinting around an enemy stronghold in a sandstorm by spawning enemies in front of you?

I seriously doubt that happens given how the game operates in all ways. Doesn't spawn enemies out of thin air like that.

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@demoskinos: Yeah that's fair because I have only consumed Peace Walker via Youtube and not too many of the tapes regarding her. Maybe I should go back and check that out.

I guess I shouldn't say she is not compelling at all because I haven't seen all of that game or played it, which obviously makes a difference. I do think that story line in V is pretty cool considering the final twist (like there are certainly parts of Paz [bones and teeth] implanted into Venom and he sees her as a "phantom" of what occurred in GZ, giving more weight to that moment in TPP and yeah Venom's role in it as you say). I am sure with your perspective having played PW stuff like the tapes that you get as you complete her storyline would resonate more.

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The thing is, most characters in the series don't have all that much personality or well defined character. It is a series driven by plot, themes, action, and storytelling methods (might not be the best way to express what I mean on the last point, but basically twists like MGS2 and MGSV have).

In my opinion, the issue with V as far as how it tells its story and what's there is that there isn't enough silly, off the wall anecdotes or one off character interactions/dialogue type stuff. Like Big Boss talking about why EVA shoots her gun sideways in a Chinese special forces style in 3, SIGINT breaking down weapons, Snake hitting on women like a goof or smuggling cigarettes in his stomach. The Hamburger tapes were one of the only bits of this and I thought it could've used more (though the Hamburger tapes are truly fantastic). I would say the Paz part of this game also fits in that lane but it isn't all that successful and I personally think Paz is not really a compelling character. These types of moments I'm talking about don't even really define the characters' personality wise (in fact they usually don't even fit in the game, that's why they are so fun) but overall they just make the series have a really fun tone and increase the scope of what it covers.

Anyways, Kojima improved his story telling methods to me (I agree with you @xerseslives as far as how it fits with a change in storytelling and also in how it fits into the meta part of the plot) but I think he went a bit too far taking out those wacky side tracks that make MGS so fun. The other characters could've had those moments even if Venom did not.

I think people mistake those things that add fun and character to the game as adding personality to the characters maybe. Because Snake just doesn't have much of a personality at all. He is brave, sometimes merciful, and he sees some worth in life outside of fighting (even though we pretty much only ever see him fight). I would say he is brash in how he hits on women too in 1 but that didn't continue really in 2 or 4. That's about it. No smoking cigarettes is not a personality trait.

By the way, all that is fine with me too. I love the series even though it doesn't really have that kind of character depth. It does what it needs to do well and it has a fun, complex plot. I think V just trimmed out some of the fat in its story telling method. Venom talks in the tapes and he doesn't need to talk in game all that much. And yeah, there's a reason for how he is presented as well.