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Game Engine footage

Yeah bullshit, there is no way in hell that game looks like that, runs like that and then also supports 40 person battles on large maps.

Game Engine footage can mean a lot of different things. It certainly doesn't mean that the final game will look like that, or that the trailer was being rendered by a PS4.

Yeah it just means: running on Frostbite.

I think you should take a lot of it basically as the action will look like this on a top level PC. I think the animations are where it's being prettied up most. Everything looks smoother than I'm sure it will and you can tell the animations are probably all unique little stuff that won't quite be in there. And yeah obviously on both consoles and lesser PCs it won't look that pretty.

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Damn... I love all the little audio visual touches. The explosions looks just like the movie. Sound work is crazy too.

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Heroes confirmed. Not my favourite part of the series but hopefully they handle it well

Yeah agreed... we will see though.

I'm happy with the rest of it. Don't care about space battles. Not some big loss for me.

I do think it'd be really cool if they do some kind of mode similar to Battlefield 2142's Titan (wasn't that what it was called?) mode... the one where you had to protect your ship above land. Obviously you could do a Star Wars version pretty easily.

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Depends on what you mean by "start" but I definitely would go that way when it became a big deal.

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Yeah I don't think this needs to be drastically different than Battlefield to be fun. I'd hope it has some wrinkles of its own.

I hope it is more grounded regular soldiers on the ground though than Battlefront used to be with Jedi characters and all that.

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@epidehl: I'll keep my eye out for the chest bump brutality!

I didn't get into Injustice too much for a few reasons, but did enjoy those two characters a lot more than I expected to.

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Dude I'd eat the fuck out of these. Not some picky guy.

Also down with eating anything for breakfast, including more lunchy or dinner items.

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Guys if you don't want something spoiled don't come into a thread discussing it right after it's over. This is reasonable and common sense.

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I dig this. Does sound like it could be right out of one of his movies but that's not a bad thing.

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I enjoyed the browser version for a bit. If someone checks this out, let us know how it is!