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Hey guys, looking for some help on how to use your consumable abilities in the MyGM mode you get from leveling up. I've seen how to use some (for example, ones that just improve morale) but in particular I'm trying to figure out how to use the ability that convinces a player your contract offer is a fair one no matter if it is or not.

I'm trying to resign one of my players for a bargain price with this ability but on the signing screen I don't see an option to use it. I can find the ability on the GM screen on a different menu but there is no way to use it there either (it just shows that I posses the ability).

I'd usually just search something like this but I'm not even sure what to call the abilities and I couldn't find any answers.

Anyways, thanks in advance.

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Porco Rosso is the most underrated film by Studio Ghibili. I love it. Really fun, great characters, awesome animation, good message.

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I don't mean to suggest the Celtics are a good team. But compared to some of the actually bad teams they really are a cut above. I view them similar to say the Magic, who have young talented players that make them at least respectable.

I see where the Rockets comp would come from.

I was cautiously optimistic on Stevens but yeah, I'm really sold on him now.

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I'm very happy with the Celtics trades and that this stupid terrible team might make the playoffs and make me laugh

The Celtics are terrible? I'm a fan of the team, but I have to say they really aren't. This is commonly said by people that don't watch them but they have some players.

We will miss Sully but I think Thomas should score a lot and help the team quite a bit.

Not saying the Celtics are contenders or anything. But they're a lot better than say the Lakers or the Knicks or some of these actually terrible teams. Stevens is a good coach and we have some promising young players.

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There's been a lot of greats, but one that comes to mind based purely on effectiveness: Saiga with slug rounds in Battlefield Bad Company 2.

I wouldn't expect to use a shotgun ever in Battlefield.... but for a time pre-patch the shotguns with longer range slug rounds were broken. In particular I liked the semi-auto Saiga. It became a shotgun sniper rifle. It had good power (one shot kills like the burst rifles) and still was effective at short range like a normal shotgun. Basically it was domination at all ranges as long as you were quick on the trigger. Did very well with this combination when I played. Pretty certain they patched it out but that was after I had stopped playing and already done my damage.

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The worst I've probably had was Walking Dead, where it deleted my save game and I had to replay before the final episode.

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I actually don't mind anything about the game's structure... it just doesn't seem like the story is that interesting and the gameplay is straight forward. It actually looks pretty similar instructure to Max Payne 3, a game I love, but I like it so much because the gameplay is so great and the story is strong. Max Payne 3 had the same transitions to gameplay thing going on and many hated how many cutscenes it had like that (personally I was fine with it for the most part).

I also love MGS4 but that was fun to play and nailed the story aspect. I think Max Payne is a better comparison.

The game has to nail the story if it's going to spend that much time and effort on it though. The gameplay in Max Payne 3 had a lot going on that it doesn't seem like the Order would come anywhere close to.

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I think Rockstar's The Warriors is a really forgotten game that I think is their second best game behind Red Dead Redemption. It's the best 3D beat em up ever (nailed the combat with a totally unique and chaotic brawl feel) and has a lot of fun little extra systems going on that add depth. They absolutely nailed a odd ball license choice as well as any game as ever emulated their license. The multiplayer was even really good! Co-op and versus modes.

It is a classic and doesn't' ever get brought up. I really liked Bully too but I think this was a better game for sure.