My Top 10 Favorite Games

A disclaimer: I started gaming on the NES and , so I have retro roots as far as consoles go. Yet for me, that's almost a separate thing entirely. I have fond memories of Streets of Rage 2 and I will still play it from time to time.

Some people will think that is absurd but it's just how it is in my thinking. They are just so separate.

I also have some games that I put stupid amount of time into but now I wouldn't play so that's a bit tough, but I'm leaving them off. That includes, for example, Age of Empires II, which I loved back in the day but now I would never play a traditional strategy game.

I'm not saying all the other games on the list hold up or that I go back to them all the time... but anyways this is my list damnit!

Anyways, here's the list.

List items

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