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Same here, logged in or out. Please fix!

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TIME's best websites of the year, 2011 I think?

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Boom! I'm pumped. As long as they let Patrick play a role in this it should be good.

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I feel like I know the guy having watched and listened so much on this site. How sudden life changes. All the best to Ryan's friends and family. He will be missed, but remembered.

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Where the hell was this style of game this gen? Boom!

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Has anyone bought this item in the store? Looking to spend my $15 credit. I want either the "GiantBomb" t-shirt or hoodie, but I don't want to hoodie to be thin and poor quality, though I doubt that's the case.

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So it's a little last minute, but I have a week this summer to take a trip somewhere in the U.S. that's "different" according to my wife and somewhat outdoors. A few of my ideas (place I've never been):

1. Hawaii or Alaska (though those might be TOO last minute)

2. Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest -- Portland etc.

3. Grand Canyon

4. Yellowstone

5. California -- Drive the coastline, Redwood forest, a city? LA, San Francisco?

If you have any tips on the places listed, I'd love to know, or any other ideas. Don't consider money, I just want ideas.

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Great article, Alex. Thanks duder.

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Pro: I love Patrick's willingness to try different genres/experienes in gaming. Diversity is refreshing.

Con: I never like the flow of Patrick's features. It feels rigid (awkward pauses etc.), and I really dislike seeing typos. It feels somewhere between a quick headline write-up and an in-depth article. Most of the information was experienced in the Quick Look anyway. "Brevity is vigor" as my favorite English teacher used to make us recite daily. Or perhaps I'm just spoiled by reading Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles series.

Either way, I'll keep checking in. Love this site.

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No chat for me either.