Nothing a plate of spaghetti won't cure.

Listened to a bit of Doug Stanhope from his Norway tour while I sat by myself in the cold dinner table. I enjoyed the plate of spaghetti I so mechanically prepared.

I felt like everything was shit, and that was okay. If only I smoked cigarettes, I would have smoked them too.

All in a day, all for me.

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Live as if your worst fears will happen.

Live as if you only have to please yourself.

Live as if you will only live one life.

Post-post post.

Rando bb

At least until you fall in love.

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Memory has a great imagination.

So, for that, I will write here how your XXth birthday was.

What birthday? HAHAHA. I am not laughing.

It was shitty, and you remember that. Why write it down? So that it's not the same next year. At least I hope to not make the same mistakes.

"Sorry bro" I am just celebrating my birthday selling weapons to 10 year olds for 1 scrap. Also, your offer is a little too good. Makes me think my hat is worth a hell of a lot more. Captions are not supposed to be this long.
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