Study everyday, you. Yes you.

See what 3 days got you? Pretty good, but we need more than that. Study everyday at least a little bit. We don't need to take this class again, we can do this. Let's aim for gold... rather copper. BUT COPPER IS STILL GOOD.

Just no fourth place.

Also, sleep at least eight hours a day. Or take a nap. Yeah! Naps can work.

Now continue doing that insane journal-style crazy report you have to do for tomorrow. I'll put the coffee.

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Everything I Bought During the Steam Summer Sale

In descending order according to day. So top is today, bottom is the start of the sale. Each line represents a day more or less. Last day I usually try to get as many indie/hidden gems as I can, I still did that this time. 18 bucks for that whole top line!

How could I say no to a face like this?

Damage: ... I'd rather not add it all up. But damn it feels good to get so many games for such crazy discounts.

What about you guys? What are your...

game hauls?


God Is Dead


I'm not one to partake in anime that much (if at all), but when I found out about Nichijou first in hilarious Youtube clips I just had to watch the full episodes. And well, it tickled me in ways I had forgotten I could be tickled. If I could describe it in one word Nichijou is bananas. Straight up bananas.

For those of you who've watched it, the above image will make more sense. And for those who haven't I can't recommend it enough.


Unlike some people I've never idled in my life.

not that idling is "bad", I just like saying I've never done it

Just out of curiosity, do any of you guys play TF2? Have you gotten into the trading aspect of it?

I have, I have quite hard. It's almost like it's own separate game. Singing the "buy low, sell high" mantra, staying atop of the changing trends in prices. Reading "news", if you will, about how a new game is going to have these promo items. All while being fair to buyers and sellers. Like any economy you have all kinds of scum. People who will hack your account and sell everything for a quick scrap, some others just rip you off, and lastly you have the ingenious thieves who will impersonate a trusted "middleman" and buy your unusual hat for zero dollars.

I could write a lot more about this, for example there are tiers of rarity apart from the game's own. These are set by the community. I could write about how there's this one guy who literally has 100s of hats each worth $1000 or more which he bought from his own pocket. Who is this dude!? This mystery among others will have to be left for next time.


What I've done with my week off:

My char is the Sniper dude

That game caught me again in its randomized-weapon-combination tendrils. Man. Boy. Gurl. Not only can't I believe the total hours I've played this, but also how many years I've been going back to Borderlands. It's like a ritual.

I just want to legit-find a pearlescent gun... and finish the claptrap DLC.

Oh and I also beat Supergiant's awesome debut. I might go back to Bastion to see what the PC exclusive content is all about. I hear there's some Portal stuff in there.

I chose the carbine, and hammer

Giant pictures!