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@dorkymohr: I actually enjoy watching his Magic cards unboxing videos even though I've never played it. Don't know what it is, but it soothes me.

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Randomly scouring through my YouTube subscriptions I happened to see some trends, dead channels everywhere, and the other was the opening of Loot Crates in the vein of haul videos.

I ask you guys if you've purchased these or received them and if so how did you feel about it, did it improve your life? Did you feel a deep sense of regret? Has science gone too far in the marketability and apparent profitability of geekiness?

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Sounded like a Yahoo Answers question for a second.

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It's like a an even gianter bombcast.

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@pinner458: He IS 18 though, I've met few 18 year olds without having an awkward moment.

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Ch... ch... ch... ch.. ch.. chaaaanges. Bring it on duders.

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@calmgamer: Good point, but I think the issue arises when your friends start stages of their life different from yours. But if everybody has kids, hey, it seems like it works.

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@shagge: That's beautiful. "This is Flavor of Love, not Flavor of Frienship!" Thank you for existing reality TV, what a beautiful mess you are.

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Get a bike, then you'll REALLY be afraid of cars. Then when you stop biking, your fear will be relatively minor.


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I'm in! Sounds like just the thing I was looking for but didn't know I was looking for.

If you need a little ambient music and have Spotify I found this cool and smooth sci-fi jazz playlist. Sci-Fi.JazZ...