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@cornbredx: I did, but she's very non-confrontational, so... what I'm saying is the clock is already ticking and I can't expect her to meet me half way. She will, but only temporarily so that we don't argue. I was so into her man, but the more I get to know her the less I see a future despite her wanting to do everything for me, I feel she's not being true to what she wants and eventually goes and does just that. If I say that, she'll probably cry.. and it's just messy. So I'm avoiding the inevitable right now.

Wish I was into dudes, or bi. I'd be a great boyfriend.

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Lately I've been getting serious cravings for my girlfriend to be real and not hide behind her job as an excuse to admit she doesn't love me anymore.

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@fattony12000: So cute! You know, it looks a bit like the old Tested logo for those that remember.

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@development: Your whole kitchen was better seasoned than MB's 1920's cast iron. So magnificent.

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@jimbozu: What beauties, lovely stove too mate. What kind of range does it have? Seems like induction?

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@dinosaurcanada: No need to feel ashamed, this is a zero-judgment zone. Post your pics!

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~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful greasy pan ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who don’t need no soap ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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@mb: You're living the dream there with your cast iron. I've considered getting a new one and seasoning it myself, but it would be missing that je ne sais quoi. And frankly there's nothing better than having memaw's own and not some from random prohibition era bro. That cow is proud to be in Valhala.

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Hello duders, there comes a time in every forum's life to post pictures of our glorious pans! Or pots, or skillets, or whatever you cook with. Don't be shy, and try to keep them in focus. No judging here, this is a safe space.

I'll get us started.

I love making steaks here. Thick and juicy.