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@falserelic: that's a good song m9, gotta listen to some more Ciara.

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@development: I get that man, good on you for trying to upgrade yourself. Good luck out there, and buy condoms.

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@oldguy: Fedoras seldom look good on anybody, man. So do trilbys and all similar hats. I gotta disagree with that advice for the sake of OP.

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Don't use straight up gel, it's too Crazy Town. Here's my advice use pomade or wax, I use American Crew. Also, if you can afford it go to a real stylist and get a haircut there, no Supercuts generic dude #3 cut.

P.S. Don't worry too much about this shit, a sweet hair style is not gonna make people think you're not boring if you actually are.

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Seal, Kiss From a Rose. One of the best songs ever created by humans.

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I will just refer to Dave Chappelle's "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong." Some people might not be saying these things out of malice, and if there are a few, getting all tumblr-activist on them won't help the situation except to alienate you from your co-workers. Yes, it's not proper, but for them it seems it's just a way of speaking. You might keep it real if you tell them or tell on them, but you'll come off as petty and precious. I propose the best thing you can do is to use language that you find proper yourself, don't crash and burn mate.

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@cornbredx: I did, but she's very non-confrontational, so... what I'm saying is the clock is already ticking and I can't expect her to meet me half way. She will, but only temporarily so that we don't argue. I was so into her man, but the more I get to know her the less I see a future despite her wanting to do everything for me, I feel she's not being true to what she wants and eventually goes and does just that. If I say that, she'll probably cry.. and it's just messy. So I'm avoiding the inevitable right now.

Wish I was into dudes, or bi. I'd be a great boyfriend.

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Lately I've been getting serious cravings for my girlfriend to be real and not hide behind her job as an excuse to admit she doesn't love me anymore.

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