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I'm no fan of exclusives, but they exist, and I understand why. This is a particular pain though, because I was about to buy a pair of (very expensive) arcade sticks for KI. Now the two fighters I wanted to play this generation, so far, are on different consoles :(

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Wouldn't it be great if Microsoft just created awesome content and services, instead of nearly everything they've been doing for almost two years now?

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Absolutely, utterly devastating. Ryan Davis, a voice in my head that has made me laugh over the years even when I was at my most depressed, is now silenced. He will be sorely missed. My sincerest condolences to his friends and family.

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You were always awesome so staying awesome will be easy.

Good luck!

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Thanks, Alex. I really enjoyed your pragmatic view.

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@Fraz: I love yesterdays. And thanks again Patrick for this amazing feature!

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This is only good news.

For those worried about "iOS-style spam game flooding" the pressure is on Valve and the indie community to float the best games to the top. Do you get pissed off that anyone can put an album on itunes, amazon, bandcamp, etc? You're probably just happy you can find whatever album you want... no matter how weird and underground.. the same will go for Steam with this system.