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@viking_funeral: I enjoyed Jeanne d'Arc despite usually hating any kind of timer or whatever, but I also remember the transformations seeming super overpowered (and incredibly time-saving thanks to the kill-and-get-to-go-again thing), so that's probably why it didn't bother me as much.

On another note, I also remember having a good time with Front Mission 3 a long time ago, but havent played any of the other games. Anyone have any input on which of those are worthwhile? Disabling different mech parts was neat.

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Vandal Hearts on the PSX (1, fuck 2).

The large variety in both combat environments and mission objectives is great. Character customization is extremely limited though if you're heavily into that, as you just pick 1 of 2 class advancements per character (other than the progagonist, who has his own special classline). Some classes are easily much better than others, but anything is viable. The story isn't cringe-worthy and it has an overarching interesting political plot and the main cast actually won't make you want to kill yourself for a change.

As a bonus: 0 grinding.

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This is scary, but I really hope this works out for you, Vinny.

Going to miss the VJ combo.

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@theht said:

@trafalgarlaw: DMC3 was not that difficult on normal.

Just as a note (that you may already be aware of): 3's re-release (Special Edition) had its difficulty lowered overall and added more revive options.

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@coinmatze said:

I stopped pirating games because of DRM.

Games downloaded from private (and some semi-private) trackers are often less of a hassle than a game with DRM. 5 seconds to unzip or copy-paste a crack compared to (for some) creating an account, having to log in each time, dealing with automatic updates that can break the game and whatnot else. I bought the GOG version of The Witcher 2 day one (I think even before release) because I could just download an executable and a few packaged files and have it extract.

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I didn't mind 2-3 in Super Mario Land.

Still eagerly awaiting a game that has a timed underwater stealth escort mission. With a breath meter.

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a Vita press cut

Oh man.

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The OUYA is pretty entertaining, though not in the way they intended.