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Man of Steel: $50.0 million

Monsters University: $100.6 milliion

World War Z: $60.0 million

Total: $210.6 million

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Show or no show, I still love the Giant Bomb guys.

I hope everything works out, good luck!

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@TruthTellah said:

@CL60: EDIT: ha. Didn't realize you were putting in . If that isn't working for you, then, yeah, you're having a legitimate bug, possibly with your phone. works for me on my phone's version of Chrome. I checked it while writing this comment.

Oh, make sure your link has http:// in front of it. Sometimes it seems to get confused if you don't put that in for the mobile site. So, .

Thank you! This worked for me. I'm using Chrome on a Nexus 7, and I couldn't get to work, but finally went through.