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Room 237 is great. What i love most is how the film never comes out and say "Look at these nutty people people and their crackpot theories!". They let them speak for themselves, i found that refreshing in this type of documentary.

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I feel alot of people put too much value on RAM when it comes to PC gaming. Over 8-12 and you are getting into heavy application territory like video/photo processing , CAD, 3D-modeling and such.

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I have been thinking along the same lines and agree on most of his points. Then again i am disgusted by commercialism and a lot of peoples views on consumerism that turn into profit-hysteria on both parts and not sustainable markets and consumer rights.

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Played for about an hour just now. Fun stuff but the chat is just awful. We need Jeff to cave and set up a server.

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I would turn to my other hobbies like music and art.

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Two somewhat new games the PC crowd have gone crazy over are Crusader Kings II And Civ V. If you are into that kind of stuff.

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Remember liking the second one back in the day. I have to say i really dislike the look of the character, seems a bit overdesigned.

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Hey guys i'm also in the process of buying a pc and i would like some opinions on the build i put together. I plan on playing on my tv primarily( Far cry 3, Wtcher 2) and i have a harddrive already so don't worry about that. I was mainly wondering if the 630W power supply would be enough or if i should go for a 750W one? Or anything i have missed? The website is in Swedish but the productnames are the same, also sorry if i'm highjacking this thread for a bit.

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Thomas Was Alone

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From what i've read the infinity TF700 seems nice, great screen and sleek design. The whole transformer thing seems pointless to me since android never was intended to be used with a keyboard and mouse. I never see tablets as productivity devices but more of entertainment devices. Browsing, playing a game or reading. I have a nexus 7 that i am quite happy with but i would never use it for any real work. Also i like having stock android.