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Were any changes made recently? Yesterday morning, everything was working fine. Last night (by around 11pm EST) I started to get "cannot connect to channel" errors that are persisting into today.

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@golguin: In the same boat. DA:I looks like it's great, but I guess it'll be a winter game for me.

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@sterling said:

PS4, because the commercials say its for the PS4.

Never understood those ads, where it says the game is just for that console. So dumb. I know the companies pay for that. But everyone should know its not just for that console, so whats the point. Are people really that gullible? Do they see those and think they can only buy it for that?

EDIT: Wait, that was a Far Cry 4 commercial, not Dragon Age. The Dragon Age one says for Xbox One.

I'm sure it works on people who only play the 5-10 biggest games a year and aren't posting on video game forums.

Lots of the people that care enough about games to post on forums tend to forget that.

The reason every boycott called for by the community (regardless of whether or not it fails), there are millions out there who are completely oblivious because it simply isn't interesting enough to them.

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One thing that's always bugged me is how CS (and all FPS games) get covered as "eSports" -- particularly in camera angles.

Dota, LoL, and most other MOBAs are straightforwardly similar to a traditional arena -- you have a main camera that overlooks the action, and then you may have multiple views that a director can switch between. CS, by default, tends to spectate from the player POV. If you're an experienced viewer, it's no big deal, but for a newcomer it's completely confusing. You have no idea of the layout of the arena, no good place to get your bearings, and the camera is constantly shifting either from player movement, player deaths, or just swapping from player to player.

The game might (not necessarily will) be better served by using predefined camera locations for the main gameplay feed and supplementing that with the first-person perspectives. CS even has time between rounds that give the commentators a chance to go back and break down key plays.

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Does this support Plex Sync? The "official" channel doesn't, which is a huge bummer.

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Does the Plex channel support sync? Right now I use Plex for basically everything, even on my phone & tablet, but I use GB Video Buddy since it lets me download videos ahead of time.

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PC: ascagnel

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@rorie: this isn't just an issue with the lending library. A lot of titles have crappy "essays" with confusing titles designed to prey on users.

Amazon is screwing up curation of their store in a major way, and doesn't seem to care. The "singles" and self-publishing have done wonders for authors, but it's also left scummier types a bad opportunity.

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So, this is a weird one. I'm running iOS 7.1.1 (most recent as of this post), and using Safari, no jailbreaks, etc.

When I try to click on the text box to add a new post, it won't select. If I reply directly to a user, I can't click the "Post Reply" button. The create thread functions are working though.

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@ZombiePie Nope, not Spano. But I thought that logo could look good on the right shirt. Replace the fisherman with Vinny holding a camera and the waves on the bottom with a logo, and it could look nice.

Also, screw Mike Milbury. How is that shoe-weilding ass-hat still employed in the hockey world? The Islanders are still recovering from his "genius".