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@Styl3s: I wasn't trying to imply that HBO and Showtime shows are better because of cursing or nudity. I actually agree with you, it's usually unnecessary. But in pure volume terms, HBO and Showtime crank out shows that have much better writing, characters and acting. I haven't seen The Shield so I can't comment on that, but Breaking Bad is definitely one of my favorite all-time shows.

But just look at the all of the internal politics that shows on FX and AMC even get subjected to. We're missing an entire season of Mad Men because AMC and the writers couldn't agree on more ad-time and cutting characters to cut cost. I'm extremely glad that Breaking Bad was able to negotiate an ending to the show that fits with the creator's visions, but I do still feel like there's a freedom that shows on completely premium channels get. Sure, they still have shows cancelled (I'm still ticked about Deadwood) but overall their situation seems better on premium channels.

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I agree network comedies can be decent, but dramas just seem to be better the higher up you move through that subscription model. FX, AMC have great shows. HBO and Showtime have even better shows. There's a layer of creative control that these models seem to allow the writers of those shows. A lot of shows I have watched on HBO, I won't get too specific to avoid spoilers, have key story elements and twists that just couldn't be done on a network.

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Good points with FX and AMC. There are a lot of great shows on both of those channels, but even those shows aren't really network TV.

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I started subscribing to HBO and Showtime about 1 year ago. At the time, I really enjoyed a lot of shows on network TV--LOST, The Office, Fringe, etc.

After watching the shows on HBO and Showtime, I just can't get into network TV anymore. These shows all pall in comparison. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

It seems comparable to this site. A subscription cost (optional) allows for higher quality content and less wasted time with ads.

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@BombKareshi: Perfect. Thanks!

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Everyone keeps comparing this to Facebook. For now, it's much more comparable to twitter for me. It's a great way to follow people I don't know personally. Gaming personalities, news organizations, etc.

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For some reason this game isn't showing up in my achievement list on this site from steam. Any ideas?

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I am not looking forward to this. The current generation of movie re-hashes has been less than impressive. 

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This is good to hear. I am a bit skeptical about reviews for this game, however. It's so highly dependent on how you play through the game. It's not exactly a reviewer friendly title. 

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Curse the addition of TF2 items. I was perfectly content waiting for a killer sale a couple months down the line. But being the item addict that I am, I had to purchase it from Steam now. 

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