"Gaming has Changed Multiplayer is taking over"

Multiplayer focus is killing singleplayer games why add multiplayer to games that don't need it like mass effect 3,bioshock 2,deadspace 2 and 3,Resident evil 6 etc.This tacked on multiplayer is bad for us that likes pure singleplayer games,what is the point in singleplayer if you need an ai partner like resident evil 5 and 6.This will probably happen with deadspace 3,or if they added a pure singleplayer mode,would be nice.God of war accension has tacked on multiplayer mode hopefully they leave the singleplayer intact,and no co-op crap.Games and multiplayer is nice when there is a firm and solid reason for it,by even adding it ontop during the deadline is why singleplayer one day will be gone,bit by bit multiplayer will take over the focus.and poof you will all play multiplayer games and have no other choice then going retro,to play singleplayer.Good luck gamers,and game company's.This singleplayer era is gone for good soon.

Side Rant:

Games in general has changed.i Feel that i can't catch up with gaming that i used to.Money has been a driving force for game developers in the past,but on another scale today.they use so much money on pr and commercials i don't even know how to see trough,what is pr bullshit and what is real.Because the big hitters: Call of Duty,Mario,Zelda,Gears of War,God of War,Forza,Metal gear Solid the list goes on.good games exsist,but when the marked is overflooded with other games,wich i really want to play i get confused easily,and then decide,not play anything at all.

PS! suggestions and discussions are welcome.Have a good weekend duders!.


E3 No innovation at all FPS is the new Guitar Hero

MICROSOFT: After watching the horrible microsoft conference wich main focus was kinect and of course started with MW3 as usual i fear for the future of console games being overrun by fps shooters.i am getting sick of fps as a genre,it's become generic.Even the biggest franchises like BF3 and MW3 doesn't interested me that much anymore.it's become bland and uninspiring,getting people suckered in with shiny new graphics and sound,if you look at the fps as a basis without theese two elements, it's nothing more than pushing a trigger,no thinking at all just going around,shooting and hiding in a corner,if you like to camp.then we have some intresting fps games like ghost recon future soldier.That at least tries to be new in some ways,but still nothing but a shock and awe,unntil you realise wow!.Another shooter,nothing more.

SONY: They also have the generic shooters killzone,resistance etc.i looked at the E3 2011 conference.Resistance 3 looked so boring,just running around with a battery pack avoiding to get shoot,where is the fun in that?.Sony isn't making it easy to pick fps games it's a lot of flash no substance kind of thing.Sony has atleast uncharted 3,wich mixes 3rd person shooter with adventure this isn't the run of the mill fps that is the kind of titles i seek,not the resistance and killzones,we already have to many of thoose.

NINTENDO: The fps games nintendo got is 3rd party fps exlusives,wich is mostly on rails and a medicore fps series called conduit 1 and 2,but there is a difference between nintendo and the other two.They try to innovate,with the fps hybrid Metroid prime series and other M is the only clear winner here.With awesome story's and engaging interactions,because it mixes fps with so much more: adventure,exploration,thinking etc.

PC: FPS started on the pc,and it should had stayed on pc.if it weren't for halo on xbox we wouldn't had any fps games on consoles,and this alone would had made it easier to innovate.Making pc an exlusive place for fps games as a genre,but it never happened.

CONCLUSION: FPS isn't going to go away anytime soon,but it will finally get a well earned rest.When we can find new ways to innovate fps,as a exciting new genre,wich is not any time soon.I am crossing my fingers!.


Duke Nukem Forever The Calm Before The Storm

Yep finally did it,preorder a copy of duke nukem forever Balls of steel edition for a fine sum of 599 norwegian KR that is over 100$.

Duke nukem hasn't been a very active part of my gaming history either i only was a casual bystander to see what duke nukem 3d had to offer i was jelaous of others owning a top notch pc who could play duke nukem 3d.to bad i didn't even own a pc unntil several years later when duke nukem 3d was a PC retro classic.

For me the wait hasn't been that painful.For others over 12 years is a long time but hey it's almost here: "Strap it on"

The Demo:

While the Giantbomb first access demo that they tested a while ago didn't impress me,i tested out the first access demo myself the only difference is PC.The PC makes the game 10 times better,forever has smooth 60fps no tearing,and most of all i can test the game for myself without bias and negative feedback,wich is great.

Conclusion:The demo was short,but great it did exactly what it needed to do and more.The demo had a lot of fun moments,try it for yourself,demo is out soon for free,first access is just for a limited time i hope.unntil we see again,it's time to kill som bacon.

Duke has arrived on my doorsteep this edition kicks ass and chew bubblegum all at the same time yeahhh!: