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Yeah i did play metroid prime trilogy this weekend and also started on MP2 Echoes holy shit is it still amazing when the music hits, despite some aging graphics i love the series. Hope for comeback in 2016 if you wonder why it's the Metroid Series 30th anniversary next year, since the original released 1986.

Metroid other M was kinda lacking, but if you have played metroid fusion then you will understand who adam really is. "Any objection Lady?" hehe. PS! i cleared metroid prime on veteran difficulty. the time was about 11:20 and 87% items, so a new personal record for me.

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Golden Keys for Borderlands 2:

XBOX360: K35TJ-6395F-TXFBX-56TJB-ZZ33S

PS3: K35TJ-6399B-XZBCT-93WJB-ZZ35K

Golden Keys for Borderlands Pre-Sequel i will never use this so why not give em away :-)




Note! this keys are valid only unntil 25 october Happy Gaming.

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Socket A was horrible the cpu didn't even have a heatspreader that protected the core,so i crushed a AMD XP 2400+ once it was brand new that was a crunch sound i never forget. There was also a time when i i used a wet towel to clean of Thermal past on Geforce 4 TI 4200 what happened is that the entire screen was filled with yellow artifacts, good times. Remember that AMD sold the CPU protector for socket A, i had one of them it was a copper plating that you had to stick to the cpu it had glue on but, i didn't know what it was so i scrubbed it off with water. After that watched my pc with AMD XP 2200+ go up in smoke, when it shortfused hehe.

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September 14 the new X99 Chipset will be released wich means if you buy x79 now you buy obsolete hardware if i was you i would wait a month, but other than that your build looks good.

Here is my Suggested build:

  • Asus or gigabyte socket LGA 2011-3 X99 Motherboard 299$-500$
  • 8gb-16gb of DDR4 Memory 300-500$
  • Haswell-E 5930 6 Core or 5960X 8 Core CPU 1100$-1500$

or you could go the less expensive but more economical route:

  • Asus or Gigabyte Z-97 socket LGA 1150 Motherboard 200$
  • 8-16GB DDR3 200-300$
  • Haswell i7 4790K 300$

Good Luck with your Build ;-).

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Anyone else noticed some hipster/negative attitude at the giantbomb streams, especially at the beginning of microsoft press briefing?. i tried to watch 5 min and then i closed the page and went to watching their instead.

Also all the other streams giantbomb have showed a unproffesional attitude, jaded/bitter/angry at the industry wich is understandable if i was in their place, but remember who your fans are giantbomb!. also remember without fans,you are nothing but ordinary journalist. This is just my opinion.PS! i am very good at spotting negativity, i saw Vinny struggle to keep the positive spirit up.

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@Cashewual: yep Sonic CD works with my xbox 360 gamepad for windows, so it surely must work with other gamepads for pc also.

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i grabbed what i could afford to, since last time.The summer sale almost killed my wallet:

  • Batman Arkham City Goty
  • Batman Arkham Asylum Goty
  • Botanicula
  • F.E.A.R 3
  • Civ 5 Gods and Kings Expansion Pack
  • Dead island Goty
  • Sonic CD
  • Alan Wake Franchise Pack with Alan Wake Collector's Edition and American Nightmare
  • Q.U.B.E with Soundtrack
  • To The Moon With Soundtrack
  • Trine 2 :Goblin Menace DLC

Phew a lot of games indeed.Know where did i lay the rest of my savings, for the steam xmas sale.Noooo! all is spent.

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PS3 demo of DMC was totally acceptable, except the camera and cramped areas, nothing groundbreaking. My preditiction: Mixed bag. Something, good or a whole lot of garbage. Time will tell, i'll wait and see.

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2012 has had it moments, but the game industry has crawled to a halt, with sequels and little inspiration from the big developers.

While the indie game is growing and thriving.The other developers are crushing their head against a concrete wall wich is neverending. While new console will remedy this short term, this will maybe happen again, who knows what the future holds.

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People can't change the way you are, it must come from yourself. Everyone is taking a own approach to coping with stress, and life i general.Just do what you feel is right.Don't let anyone say otherwise.

Good luck with life duder, choose your own path.Carve it out if you need to.Life is not always meaningless, if you just try out new things, one time is enough.

"Patience is virtue"