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if you play demon soul's offline it is easier. The skeletons are insane and the swamp is good place to die over and over again, good times.PS! pro tip i used the long bow on all the bosses and enemies sniping them. Cheesy as hell, but i beat it in 50 hours first time.

Good Luck duder!.

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Yeah i did play metroid prime trilogy this weekend and also started on MP2 Echoes holy shit is it still amazing when the music hits, despite some aging graphics i love the series. Hope for comeback in 2016 if you wonder why it's the Metroid Series 30th anniversary next year, since the original released 1986.

Metroid other M was kinda lacking, but if you have played metroid fusion then you will understand who adam really is. "Any objection Lady?" hehe. PS! i cleared metroid prime on veteran difficulty. the time was about 11:20 and 87% items, so a new personal record for me.

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Golden Keys for Borderlands 2:

XBOX360: K35TJ-6395F-TXFBX-56TJB-ZZ33S

PS3: K35TJ-6399B-XZBCT-93WJB-ZZ35K

Golden Keys for Borderlands Pre-Sequel i will never use this so why not give em away :-)




Note! this keys are valid only unntil 25 october Happy Gaming.

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Socket A was horrible the cpu didn't even have a heatspreader that protected the core,so i crushed a AMD XP 2400+ once it was brand new that was a crunch sound i never forget. There was also a time when i i used a wet towel to clean of Thermal past on Geforce 4 TI 4200 what happened is that the entire screen was filled with yellow artifacts, good times. Remember that AMD sold the CPU protector for socket A, i had one of them it was a copper plating that you had to stick to the cpu it had glue on but, i didn't know what it was so i scrubbed it off with water. After that watched my pc with AMD XP 2200+ go up in smoke, when it shortfused hehe.

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September 14 the new X99 Chipset will be released wich means if you buy x79 now you buy obsolete hardware if i was you i would wait a month, but other than that your build looks good.

Here is my Suggested build:

  • Asus or gigabyte socket LGA 2011-3 X99 Motherboard 299$-500$
  • 8gb-16gb of DDR4 Memory 300-500$
  • Haswell-E 5930 6 Core or 5960X 8 Core CPU 1100$-1500$

or you could go the less expensive but more economical route:

  • Asus or Gigabyte Z-97 socket LGA 1150 Motherboard 200$
  • 8-16GB DDR3 200-300$
  • Haswell i7 4790K 300$

Good Luck with your Build ;-).

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Anyone else noticed some hipster/negative attitude at the giantbomb streams, especially at the beginning of microsoft press briefing?. i tried to watch 5 min and then i closed the page and went to watching their instead.

Also all the other streams giantbomb have showed a unproffesional attitude, jaded/bitter/angry at the industry wich is understandable if i was in their place, but remember who your fans are giantbomb!. also remember without fans,you are nothing but ordinary journalist. This is just my opinion.PS! i am very good at spotting negativity, i saw Vinny struggle to keep the positive spirit up.

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@Cashewual: yep Sonic CD works with my xbox 360 gamepad for windows, so it surely must work with other gamepads for pc also.

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i grabbed what i could afford to, since last time.The summer sale almost killed my wallet:

  • Batman Arkham City Goty
  • Batman Arkham Asylum Goty
  • Botanicula
  • F.E.A.R 3
  • Civ 5 Gods and Kings Expansion Pack
  • Dead island Goty
  • Sonic CD
  • Alan Wake Franchise Pack with Alan Wake Collector's Edition and American Nightmare
  • Q.U.B.E with Soundtrack
  • To The Moon With Soundtrack
  • Trine 2 :Goblin Menace DLC

Phew a lot of games indeed.Know where did i lay the rest of my savings, for the steam xmas sale.Noooo! all is spent.

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PS3 demo of DMC was totally acceptable, except the camera and cramped areas, nothing groundbreaking. My preditiction: Mixed bag. Something, good or a whole lot of garbage. Time will tell, i'll wait and see.

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2012 has had it moments, but the game industry has crawled to a halt, with sequels and little inspiration from the big developers.

While the indie game is growing and thriving.The other developers are crushing their head against a concrete wall wich is neverending. While new console will remedy this short term, this will maybe happen again, who knows what the future holds.