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Me too! Anyone want her?? I'll give you apples and mangos! FC is 1762-2680-2685

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I used to have a few friends in high school who played games, but now the only 'gamer' friends I have play COD and the occasional big budget blockbuster thing, or just Nintendo games. I've made a few online friends that I play co op with now and then. So overall, not many,

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I played some Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts a few weeks ago. Man, I really loved that game so much back when it came out. And to think that it is only 4 years old is crazy to me.

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@BoG: Yeah I mean looking back, it was essentially chat rooms, community contests, and flash games, but it definitely culminated to more than the sum of it's parts. I remember the year Camp Hyrule and N-Sider ended, SO goddamn emotional! And all the NOAs felt like camp counselors even though they were just the mods! And each year something completely went to shit and it was so intriguing.

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I went for 2 years. It's weird how many great memories I have from it. I still have a Stumpy T-Shirt from being in the winning cabin one year! That and the Nsider forums were some of my favorite early online memories.

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I haven't played The Line yet, but for me I'd say The Walking Dead is my favorite story this year so far. Even though there are more episodes coming, the incredibly emotional character moments and moral narrative choices really affected me. I think The Darkness 2 and Journey had very good stories too.

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Beach House - Bloom is so amazing and almost every song blew me away (my favorites are Other People and The Hours). It's definitely my favorite thing I listened to this year.

Also, Metric - Synthetica was a pretty great album.

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Animal Crossing 3DS is all I really want from this event. Or maybe a Majora's Mask remake for 3DS.

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I love all of the write ups and stories Patrick puts up, even though they aren't subscriber content. I'm sure in the next few weeks when they settle in, more content will come.

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Out of pure nostalgia, I'll say Pokemon, or maybe Dexter's Lab.