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wow that barcade looks pretty awesome!

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Hey guys i've been a long time lurker and big fan of the site, and for my first proper new topic i was looking for a little bit of advice.

In February my wife and i are travelling to New York City for our 30th birthdays, Manhattan to be more specific. i have never been to America before and don't really know what to expect (except lots of big portions of food, thanks Adam Richman!) now i plan to get some clothing and stuff to treat us but what i really want is something to do in the city regarding video games. Are there any shops and stores dedicated to Video games or places that any video game fan should visit while in NYC?? I am following a twitter page for Video Games New York store but i have no concept of how far i have to travel to get there. is there anything else in New York i should be visiting while i'm there.

Also, anything movie related (like a tour or something) would be nice too.

Any advice would be great guys, thanks.

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Is Driveatar this generations "GRAW"??? Nobody liked saying it but it stuck for no good reason whatsoever.

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Battlefield 4 multiplayer demo has made me install Battlefield 3 !!!

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I've tried to look at this game with my fanboy eyes as i do adore this series, but after the novelty of the pulse rifle rubs off it is a tedious game, You spend a good two hours in the same level going back and forth.

It's about onpar with AvP 2010, can't say about the co-op or online as i've only done Single Player.

And before you ask, i got this from work as copies were sent in early ready for Tuesdays release so i couldn't wait to try this, so far ... i'm kinda underwhelmed.

Wait until you start ...

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Warner Bros ... buy them all. Simple as that. They'd be a perfect fit for the likes of Red Faction, Saints Row and Warhammer licences.

But as you say, i bet EA get the WWE licence. That's almost a guarantee and they will ruin it. That is definately a guarantee.

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i definately recommend changing your password asap just in case your details have been compromised.

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well my account got hacked today, got an email giving me confirmation that my account email address was successfully changed, it went from my usual hotmail address to a '' email address (i booted up Fifa 12 on 360 to discover that email address)

sneaky fucking bastards, im currently trying to get onto EA live chat to recover it.

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it seemed quite fun if not a bit light on content.

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XBL: TheR0Nand0NLY ... anything but metal, that shit grates on me so badly.

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