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When I get home from work I'll give the deets!

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That mac app is exactly what I wanted! Thank you so so much! So very well done.

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Really cool! Is there a way to not have the java icon in the tray pop up, when using?
OSX 10.9.1

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Twitch does not save my broadcasts. Kinda annoying to be honest! :)

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Anyone know how to get it working with OpenEmu?
Saw a picture on twitter from Alexis, and it looked like he had it running.

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And you preordered it from PSN before it was released?

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I preordered the game before launch, and got the extra goodie of Iota and Atoi avatars.

I couldn't download them on my Vita, but on my PS3, so I did. I'm using one of them right now as a matter of fact.

Since that day I have received notifications on my Vita, every single day, that it couldn't download the avatars.

I can turn notifications off completely, but I just want those annoying Tearaway notices to go away. Anyone else with this problem? It feels like some sort of virus now!


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I've checked my birthday settings and there shouldn't be any problem there. What could be the problem? The AC trailer seems to be the only one I have trouble with.

Sincerely, Asger