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Terrible and tragic news. I've been utterly inactive on this site for about three years due to grad school and other personal issues, but I never forgot about it and often casually browsed it. This news brought me back to the site to log in and personally comment on it. For a long time, I would frequent this site every single day and watch every single uploaded video by the crew. I, like the rest of us, loved Ryan's vids, his Deadly Premonition LP and TANG especially. He brought a lot of joy to all of our lives, and now I wonder why I didn't frequent this site more during the darker days for some laughs. Thanks for everything you did to make our days a little brighter, and my condolences to the Giant Bomb staff and Ryan's family.

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This exactly! Sadly though, I remembered a split second after I placed the order that my bro wanted one too, and right when I got him on the phone asking what shirt size he was, it was all sold out.
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@BergDK said:
" @Lemoncookie01:

You can't expect rational people to not make fun of religion.

And yes I'm saying that being a theist is irrational :)

Back on topic... Has anyone played the ridiculous fundie christian pc games? Only seen videos of them (too lazy to look for a youtube link) fucking hilarious though :)

We used to have that baby-blue NES Bible Games cartridge when I was a tot. It was...crazy. Watch the AVGN video on it if you haven't seen it!  
Also, I'm not a big fan of any GTA or even most FPS's because of the violence, but I'm not Christian. Being religious or not doesn't always mean that you automatically hate or love violence. : /
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I don't even care, just as long as I can have it. 
I am at least 4 hours away from any quality Boba tea. My brother and sister are living it up in San Diego, and I drive there when I can (but that's 8 hours away), but I live in a smaller city where there just isn't enough demand for Boba tea. A local coffee shop decided to try and carry them over the summer, and it was putrid, as the tapioca wasn't fresh and they just mixed a powder together for the Thai tea part.
Tragic. That's the closest we get to Boba tea here.

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@jaycee13 said:
" It took me about a year to finish Silent Hill 2 because I was too scared to play it. "
@Berezov said:
" Silent Hill, the technical restraints of the Playstation just added to the creepiness. "
Yep and yep. Silent Hill games have been some of the hardest for me to get through, mostly because of the psychological aspects. 
Eternal Darkness is pretty awesome rather than scary for me; it's one of my favorite games. 
I own Fatal Frame 2 but actually have never played it because it looks too damn freaky for me.
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Most of the old-school RPG heroes. Everyone loved them, they got their romantic interest, and they saved the world. 
Pretty sweet if you ask me!

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I constantly worry that I didn't do something right in RPGs, so I'm always saving on different slots if there is no auto-save function. Or, if something amazing story-line wise happens, I'll save to a new slot just in case I want to see it again later (for the record, I never revisit it).  I'll have 15-20 save slots for every RPG, more if they're more than 50 hours or so. Horrible habit. : ( 
I also obsessively comb the environment for collectibles. Takes me forever to do anything. 
So I guess I'm a little OCD with my gaming, ha.

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@Jeust: Gotta agree with that. It lacked that horrific Silent Hill flair to the end. Neat way to end it psychologically though.  
Speaking of hopeless, every time I play 2, I can't avoid getting the "In Water" ending for 2, ha. Guess I can't keep from reading the journal and examining that knife. : )
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@Jeust said:
" @Ashby: Yep, but you should try Silent Hill 2, 3 or 4. When you reach the end, you'll see how great the experience really is. :D "
In my post I said I voted for 2. : ) I have beaten 1, 2 and 3 and seen an entire playthrough of 4. I love the SH franchise, just wanted to mention that I really enjoyed the ending and different gameplay of Shattered Memories.
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I really did enjoy Shattered Memories, but I'm adding to the majority and saying 2's my favorite. Amazing storyline, great (if not frustrating) characters, and PYRAMID HEAD. 
I never played 4 myself, but I watched a playthrough online, and it seems the scariest of the bunch. Those ghosts look hard as hell and I'm probably not skilled enough at this genre to actually beat it, ha. 
@Jeust: My man friend and I played through Shattered Memories on Valentine's Day last year, and we both just about fell out of our chairs when we got to the end, ha. I wouldn't say it's completely out of left field, but it surprised us enough that it really raised our opinion of the game as a whole. That and it was a little easier for me to play than the older ones, because I get scared too easily and can't attack the enemies. So, having hardly any enemies made it a lot easier for me to get through.