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AsherV20 on PSN

I think my group can help you out, duder. We still run VoG Hard and Crota Normal (occasionally hard) on the regular!

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I'm disappointed. I love playing with my raid group, but there's only so many activities for us to do together and we're all feeling one degree or another of burnt out on what's on offer. Knowing that there won't be another raid (or otherwise 6-player activity) for the foreseeable future feels real shitty.

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I wouldn't mind them ditching the Proud Soul mechanic and going back to a strictly Red Orb based economy, while they're at it.

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Only just started watching the video, but when your community manager starts with phrases like, "The Black Garden in reverse" I... well... yay honesty?

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Might be between holiday releases and GOTY prep, they've got too much going on to squeeze in Vita QLs at the moment. Maybe we'll start to see some in the new year after things calm down?

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I'm usually not home from work until 11pm your time. But I'm happy to help out with weeklys if you see me on: AsherV20

Got me a lvl 29 Warlock

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Just sent out a mess of friend requests to everybody that replied to the thread.

I've got the final phase of the Thorn bounty to do, which is a special harder variant of the Moon Strike. I need to finish a Weekly Heroic Strike to finish the Invective bounty, aaaand I'd super like to run the Weekly Nightfall Strike. In short, I need the help of duders to run some strikes, somethin' fierce!

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There's nothing wrong with liking what you like. Destiny is a very flawed product, to be sure. But the core shooting is fantastic and if you find enough in the threadbare content to keep running the loop, you go right a head and do so. Don't feel bad about it and don't let anybody else make you feel bad for it. Myself? I haven't been able to put it down since day one.

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Sent you both a friend request. I'm punching up toward 29 with my Warlock, but always looking for more Destiny duders!

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I've been sitting on the last stage of the thorn bounty for a week now. Anyone on PS4 interested in running that strike with me tonight?

Send me a FR: AsherV20