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Does this also require some form of battery/pack to be in the controller? Or will a straight USB connection suffice? Already having a USB micro cable, but no X1 controller, that's the difference between buying a controller or one with the play and charge kit.

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M.U.G.E.N. is gonna take GOTY

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Has anybody else experienced some exceptionally harsh lighting while running the steam version?

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I could go for some chili cheese fries right now.

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Made a new list last week, no problems. Tried adding to it tonight and it won't save changes. Boo-urns!

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I know this will be the utmost niche-ass niche concern. But I'm that weirdo who uses his PSP for listening to music and watching videos at work. One of the features I most enjoyed as a subscriber was downloading GB videos in the mobile format and them being compatible on the PSP.

Since the transition to the new site, mobile-size downloaded videos no longer playback on the PSP. Was PSP compatibility abandoned with the site transition?

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I suspect every last one of those bosses are going to be a gigantic pain in my ass, game in-hand.

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I've never known love until having read a Jeff Gerstmann penned news article. That was so amazing, my heart is aflutter!

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@Hizang: Funny thing is, that's probably the last game on that list I'd want to part with, that and Wind Waker. But yeah, aftermarket on Twin Snakes is bananas.

@Artemesia: YES! A MILLION TIMES YES! Oh dude... the TC3 arcade guns are sooooo good.

@GetEveryone: Shame of it is, between Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox, I think I spent the least amount of time with my Gamecube. :(

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Totally! ...but, the same could probably be said for the hobby at large. Money pit aside, given the chance, I'd love to poke Namco about hooking us up with some Time Crisis-goodness in the playstation store!

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