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Oh man. What? I've read this thrice and can't believe what I'm reading. RIP.

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When you first walk into Elizabeth's tower there's an eerie humming playing in the background. When I first heard it I thought to myself "this kinda sounds like Tears For Fears" and thought nothing more of it. Then had my mind blown when it turned out that it was Tears For Fears.

A few of those old timey reworkings were so well done I didn't even spot them. Shiny Happy People and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

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OH yeah. Makes sense now. I think I picked that audiolog up but forgot to listen to it because I got distracted. Thanks.

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The one thing I don't understand, and it seems minor but it doesn't make sense. Why there's 80's music everywhere. I get why Elizabeth was humming Tears For Fears before you meet her (cos she heard it through a tear). But why was Tainted Love being played in the Finkton bar? And another song that I can't recall (Hey Mickey?) in the tear in the musician's apartment next to the graveyard.

Perhaps it's because the Luteces knew it from their travels and brought it through with them to Columbia?

Anyone that could expand on it or explain, help a brutha out.

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Shot the kid in the attic

Told Vernon the truth

Brought Clementine with me to Crawford

Didn't save Ben. Liability and an asshole, and even though my Lee is a good dude I probably would have let him drop even if he hadn't asked me to.

Revealed bite to the group. Kenny said I'd always been there for him, which seems against the curve reading the rest of these posts. I didn't help him squish Larry though.

I've got Kenny, Omid and Christa. Thinking back I can't even remember a point where you would have been able to cut the latter two loose. This game's intricacy is bananas.

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I can usually wait but this week's should be a doozy with all the NEW GAMEEEEEES so gimmegimme.

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ffs where is my bombcast already I want to fall asleep listening to it. Don't make me download a really old one and hear some cutting prerelease commentary on Fallout 3 damnit.

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The first 30 seconds of this video provides a good summary. Spoilers.

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I don't play a lot of PC, and I'm endlessly bitter that survival horror isn't good.

Patrick fo sho