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I'm just going to pretend you meant multiplayer maps and say Wasteland in Modern Warfare 2

I came in to say exactly the same thing. My lord, that was a terrible map.

My lordy lord, I just realised how much MW2 I played, ugh.

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@ashleychittock: I wouldn't say the problem is that it's a miniscule thing, more the fact that it was all just a cliffhanger scene. Compare to the end of season 4, the entire last episode was all about escalating to the confrontation and then ending it exceeding expectations. This one is just "oh one more thing, there's another season coming".

I think the problem was with the network strongarming them into splitting their final season in two. If Gilligan had been given a straight 16 eps like he wanted then this would have just been an awesome midseason twist. As it is they needed something big to end on and this had to be it, I'm sure they'll pay it all off in full next year like they want to.

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Also Lydia's paranoia and skittishness gives me the weirdest boner.


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The ending seems to be very divisive. I've seen it called "silly", "rubbish" and "heavy-handed" already. I loved it though. Everybody assumed when shit went down it'd be all explosive but it seemed obvious to me that if Heisenberg was going to be caught it would be through something tiny and trivial rather than the obvious, big things that master logician Walt would already had thought of.

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You should pick up a copy of Rock Band 1 and export it. It'll only cost you pittance for the disk these days and 400 microsoft points to export it.

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Had to restart Fallout 3 and lost about 9 hours of progress because the front door/intercom to GNR was bugged out.

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Did you shoot the girl in the street?

Yep. Got to be one heartless SOB to leave her like that.

Did you abandon Lilly?

I didn't, even though her killing Carley made me pause the game, put the controller down and just zone out for ages. Loved how they deliberately ramped up the flirting and stuff between Lee and Carley to make you extra attached before the rug was pulled from under you. Even though Lilly completely let me down after I'd been kind to her for a long time, I kept her on board because hey, we just lost the only other woman that can shoot a gun in the group.

Did you fight Kenny?

Yeah, although I wasn't aware there was an option to NOT fight him. How does it play out? Does he just beat you down or can you talk him round?

Did you shoot Duck?

Yeah, can't let a father do that.

Did you help Omid?

Nope, I didn't spot the QTE quickly enough. Probably the only problem with this game I have is that those type of quick-react QTE's are really easy to miss and the controls aren't very good for hitting them. I also pushed him off the bridge so I felt double bad for not helping him out.

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Maybe just a quick look for the laughs, but none of them know the slightest thing about football so to expect them to cover it in any serious capacity is completely stupid.

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With the amount of stuff they put out at the moment I feel for the amount of work Vinny, Drew and any other video duders must have to put in.

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Pretty sure people stigmatise him for hitting his family, not getting pissy on set.

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Aha! I think it must be an Adblock issue. I'm using regular Adblock and the video player works once I pause it. How odd that it just started not working all of a sudden, though.