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Woke up today and suddenly none of the videos on the website will play for me in Google Chrome. They work fine on IE and I haven't changed my Chrome settings, updated or touched anything, so what gives?

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Final Fantasy 4

Picross 3d

Professor Layton

Pheonix Wright

Advance Wars Dual Strike

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@Oldirtybearon said:

I got where he was coming from, even I disagreed with his logic. Until one specific moment.

I'm down, one of the cannibal brothers is about to kill me, and I look to Kenny for help, who just stares back, and then looks away to avoid getting blood on his face. I had his back throughout Episode 1 and 2 (mostly), and what'd he do? He just hid. That betrayal just cut any loyalty I had for him. I wasn't necessarily surprised that Kenny's a coward, but I will remember that. In my time of need he didn't come through, when I had gone to bat for him many times over. So I'll be patiently grinding my ax until Episode 3, and see what opportunity there is for payback.

And it will be a bitch.

Pre-fuckin-cisely, brutha. I stuck up for him all the way through episode one and then he does that? We're done.

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Getting really frustrated with the way Dark Notes work in this game. I shouldn't be forcing myself to fuck up in order to advance. Even then it's pretty hard to deliberately screw up the FMS without using lvl 1 characters. Really disappointing.

Also is there any way of eventually getting all the unique dark note songs in challenge mode?

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@MattyFTM said:

IX is my favourite Final Fantasy. VI is my second favourite Final Fantasy. They're both amazing games.

Exactly this.

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I also find the "No split screen? No buy!" stuff hilarious considering that I doubt 10% of the people who are complaining would have actually ended up ever playing it split screen with anyone.

This is a really, really stupid post.

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Resident Evil 4

Silent Hill 2

Dunno about a third. Could be one of many games. MGS3, Pokemon Yellow, San Andreas, Pro Evo 5, COD4 would all be up there.

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It's the best Zelda game by quite a margin.

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@BoOzak said:

@ashleychittock said:

Awesome. Just hope it's good and not an Arkham/Devil May Cry clone.

I dont know much about the character outside his involvement in games and the X-Men origin movie. But wouldnt Deadpool make a lot of sense as a DMC style game?

Totally, but it's also totally obvious and I've already played Devil May Cry. It's just a little depressing when I can picture a game fully formed inside my head before I've even seen any pics or footage.

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Awesome. Just hope it's good and not an Arkham/Devil May Cry clone.