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I'm getting quite an Ico vibe from the first part of the trailer, with the music and the setting, and the concept of sacrificing youth.

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Now who could this character be? She seems to be wearing a demonica identical to the ones worn in Strange Journey. Can anyone translate?

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But I have to say I am a little disapointed. They already said that they are using smoke and mirrors for the choices but I would have expected at least some variation in the endings. I know, it would have been impossible to do a game which would lead to different endings for all the choices. But at the end no matter what you did, everyone gets the same ending.

Lee will always die. Clem will always end up alone in the field. Crista and Omid are always the two of your group that survive. The stranger will always try to kill you even if you did not kill anybody or steal his stuff. I thought I f***ed up by saving Ben, which lead to Kenny`s dead. And then I read that they came up with a really stupid reason why Kenny still has to go down that ladder.

Maybe this was their message, no matter what you do at the end it does not matter. But I dont think that should be the message for a game that has "PLAYER`S CHOICE" written all over it.

After playing episode 5 and seeing that epilogue, I can only assume that they are planning to continue Clem's story in season 2. That's the most logical reason for them not going for multiple endings, and even going as far as to make sure that everything turns out exactly the same no matter what choices you make (there was no reason to make Kenny die if you had already dropped Ben in ep.4, UNLESS they were aiming for a singular timeline with consistent events to carry over into another season). And that epilogue, especially. I don't think they would end on a cliffhanger like that unless they were trying to tease the events of season 2. The episode could have ended just fine without it, and Clem was already in a miserable enough place as it was. I don't think they would just end her storyline with some sick punchline of two unknown figures staring at her from the distance and her in potential immediate danger. There has to be more to that.

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I see no reviews or discussion threads on here


What do you mean? I thought you had written a review but I don't see anything. :(

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I've been playing a ridiculous amount of this game lately (100+ hrs) so I think my appetite for it has been sated for the time being. And I don't even have the expansion yet.

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I'll be glad when I'm done episode 5, can delete the game from my hard drive and hopefully the group circle-jerk that is the Giant Bomb coverage of this game, something you hardly ever find here, will be over.

I'm not getting your point here. Because a lot of people really love this game that you don't as much, their praises are somehow unworthy? Giant Bomb circle jerk, really?

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That was sooner than I expected.

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@LucVargas: Not bad man. Nice job pulling all those voice clips, must've taken a hell of a long time. I don't know about the music choice, it gets kind of repetitive over 10 minutes, and the continuity is kind of confusing sometimes. You jump around events randomly and it doesn't really have a flow, and sometimes it's confusing who is saying what because you have voice clips without ever showing the face of the person speaking. I like it though.

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@RecSpec said:

Digital Devil Saga 2

That has a pretty happy ending though.

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That would depend on whether or not my clothes are invisible as well. If not, I would have a hard time getting over the fact that I'd have to walk around everywhere naked in order to not be seen.