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Booth babes are so utterly benign that I can't help but see this as a lazy, self-serving attempt at manufacturing moral outrage so that when we inevitably move on, everyone can pat themselves on the back and say "Hey, I helped." And then when we complain about it next year, we can all go "Don't look at me, I tried to fix it before."

With regards to the broader issues, you can say "Oh, well the talk is good", but we've been talking about it for years and we've been saying the exact same bloody things for years but no one seems to want to sit down and actually do something about it, no one seems to even have a clue how to do something about it and at the end of the day, we're all just saying that it's not on and then leaving people to their own devices.

To dissolve this practice would require a complete reformation of culture. It's a practice that has and continues to be used in every facet of marketing. It's a more convoluted and penetrated topic than you might believe it is.

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This isn't news

news (link)

[nooz, nyooz]

a person, thing, or event considered as a choice subject for journalistic treatment

By definition this is news.

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Let's be objective. Without this turning into a PC vs. Macintosh debate, what is the significant difference between Windows and Mac, and why is Windows the preferred gaming platform as of right now?

The answer is this: Direct X

Direct X is an exclusive to the Windows platform, while Macintosh uses Open GL (Which cannot perform all the super flashy stuff that Direct X can).

Until Macintosh makes their equivalent to Direct X, it will be some time before we see the mainstream pc gaming market shift to favor them.

Biases aside, I'm glad that Macintosh is catching up, because it will force both platforms to be competitive which can only be a great thing for consumers.

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Sad day for journalistic integrity.

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@BelligerentEngine: It wasn't just the ignorant argument he engaged in.

It was also his disgusting behavior ogling this poor girl on a live stream. I mean he was straight up acting like a fucking pig. He was so out of control with it that his male peers felt comfortable enough to contribute. They objectified her, talking about her breasts, openly enthusiastic about hacking her phone and finding "goodies", when she had to use the bathroom he asked what she was going to do in there, and openly discussed fantasy scenarios of her wrestling other girls.

Sorry bud, that is by definition sexual harassment and that is disgusting. And I, nor anyone else should feel bad calling him a fucking pig. If he has any modicum of shame left he won't ever get in front of a camera again until we forget about his atrocious behavior or better yet, changes his attitude towards women. You can't be a representative of a professional gaming event and act like that.

If he was apart of the underground, that's fine. Stay there.

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Can a moderator do something about darkdragonmage99 this guy is out of control.

If you have a problem with a user take it to PM.

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@MangyForestKitten said:

If she was a male no one would have said a damn thing about this but because she is a "fragile" female every white knight on the internet is jumping to her defense. This at is very root is more sexiest than anything that dude said. Let me state my point once again. If the she would have been a guy who was "not necessarily one of those people who was brought up to deal with that kind of abuse head on" no one would be saying anything. I like when females are treated like humans who can think and act on their own accord, or not act, instead of treating them like some object to protect from the mean mean world.

You really don't get it.

Your example about men is totally wrong by the way. I'm a guy and I would never want to be sexually harassed. And I have been. It's embarrassing and degrading.

Add to that, this female contestant was harassed live on a streaming internet feed for thousands of people to see. That's terrible.

This didn't unfold and explode strictly because she's female, it's because this kind of interaction (especially on a professional level) is intolerable. They were working!

And if you truly care about your female counter parts being treated equally, then she should be able to confront this atrocious behavior head on and say that it is unacceptable, which she did.

Grow up.

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@WMoyer83 said:

A bunch of perma virgins treat women like shit in a video game tournament? This is news?

This is news because e-sports is on the rise. It's quickly becoming a mainstream cultural phenomenon here in the west.

With that said, the woman bashing nature of what is quickly becoming a much larger community raises the question, "hey, is this behavior ok?"

Electronic sports is no longer an underground journey for misfits. These events have multi-million dollar payouts, they fill stadiums with fans, and people can make a survivable amount of income playing in e-sport tournaments.

This article, the awareness it receives, and the discussion that follows is good.

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People take things too seriously. I get the feeling people latched on to the sexism aspect when he just meant overall trash-talk. I don't think that kind of trash talk should be promoted but i also dont think you should condemn someone for his own personal opinions.

I think the girls reaction is more unsporting than the problem itself.

Did you watch the same stream as everyone else? It was not a miniscule quality of the conversation. The guys were ogling her. Like, it wasn't even relevant to the game, they were talking about her body, asking her personal (sexual) questions totally irrelevant to the game and it wasn't trash talk.

It was blatant sexual harassment, and that is a problem. She was being the professional here telling Capcom about it like an adult.

These man children ogling her like animals is unsportsman-like.

Get real dude, and grow up.

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@OfficerMeatbeef: That was the point I was trying to make. Sorry if my post came out wrong. Super_Yan is a competitor despite her gender. What I am saying is that she should have stuck to it like any athlete should.

If a female athlete in say, woman's basketball gets sexually harassed by a male coach, you'd bet she'd say something and get him fired.

If e-sports intends to be remotely as professional as other sports, than it needs to take this seriously. Because in other sports, an athlete would speak up.

No one should put up with that kind of language.