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Just had a quick question for those who have done another play-through of this game. I just finished the game and was wrapping up side quests. I was wondering if collectables like outfits, weapons and chinpokomon carry over to a new game or does you have to start from scratch?


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Thinking about starting a new game but i have almost all the collectibles. Do you happen to know if those (costumes, weapons, chinpokomon) carry over or do you have to start from scratch?

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fucking stuck here to. must of failed it 20 times by now. Did it the first time then died on the vacum part, not i cant get past part 2. Tried rotating the stick both ways, fast, slow nothing fucking works.

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this is so fucked...i love it

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gonna get a signed one ..... annnndddd there gone

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mad that I missed the pizza delivery, but I wasn't able to watch as much on sunday as I was saturday, all I saw was Reach, Rocksmith and Windjammers.

my Brad highlights (that I saw) would have to be his first reaction to hotline miami, ftl and dota 2 (even though i still dont know wtf happens in dota)

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Exact same sentiment for me. I marked the release dates on my calendar and was so pumped to watch the GB crew unbox and play a bunch of launch titles on release day. Then I was going to go out and buy one the next day. I will still get one system or both, I just dont feel compelled to get one ASAP. As we have gotten closer to release day(s) that feeling of "I need to have it day one is almost gone". I just don't see any of the games being a day 1 system seller (I was planning on a PS4 with AC4, Ghosts and Killzone). Then all these news stories coming from both PS4 and XOne saying "oh well it wont do this or that at launch" is kinda weird and has turned me off to the whole day 1 thing. I think the only thing that will get me to buy one before the end of the year is the coverage the guys do here. If they seem happy or really jazzed about either system I may buy one before years end. If its more of a shrugging feeling like hey new systems so I guess you should get one (?) kind of coverage, then I will definitely hold off until a Destiny or Titanfall bundle.

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Dammit. I was hoping to wake up today and this wouldn't be real. Still feel sick over this.

Thoughts continue to be with his wife, friends and Giant Bomb family.

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@phoenix654 said:
@jasonr86 said:

It's up to the staff. I'd completely understand either way.

I concur. Sometimes the way to get through something like this is to soldier on, but sometimes it's best to take some time to face up to it and deal with it. Either way, I'd be all right with it. Take your time, duders. We'll be here when you get back.

Agreed. I'm sure it will be hard to be in that office with his desk empty.

I'm sure they will do something as a tribute. Perhaps a video or podcast with a bunch of guests who knew Ryan just drinking and sharing memories of their friend.

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jesus fuck wtf wtf wtf

at a loss for words, typing as they come. I'm feeling everything right now but mostly im fucking angry and sick to my stomach.

I've been following these guys since gamespot and this kind of thing would never enter my mind. I still can remember his stories from when he was hosting the hotspot. I remember one show where he was talking about owning a roomba and basically turning it into a neglected slave and at the depressed beeps the thing would make. I was dying laughing in the university library and got so make looks from people as i rewound that part again and again.

I know it might seem weird to some that someone could be so upset at the death of a person they've never met, but when you spend so many years watching these guys in their videos and hearing their voices in your ears on your ipod its just sickening to think that one of those people you feel connected to, one of those people you feel you could run into, and it would be like two friends who haven't seen each other in a long time, could be gone. I cant imagine what its like for those who truly knew him. I will take solace in the fact that I can go back and listen to bomcasts and watch videos on this site and still hear ryan's voice.

My deepest sympathies, thoughts, prayers and all my love to ryans wife, his family (both blood and the giantbomb crew) and all who knew him personally.

This is so fucked