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Ok, the game Im gonna throw out there got killed in the reviews, partially because of two things. The first being the hype that was behind it and like most games, it didnt live up to the hype. The second is because the game is admittedly full of "why in the name of Clapton did they think this was a good idea" moments. So with that in mind, here it goes.

Too Human.

*flameshield up*

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AngryJoe over at BlisteredThumbs has been trying to do alot of coverage on Sword of the Stars 2.

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Only read the first page.


who plays a game and thinks "hmmmm i wonder who this character likes to have sex with?"

How about the large number of people that pretty much demanded that DA2 came with the option of having male on male romance options? Plus the same people pretty much demanding the same of ME3.

To answer the OP question. I dont have a problem with it. Though I dont think the flamboyancy would be received too well. I mean, look at how much crap Eidos got for having 1 stereotypical character that only had about 5 minutes of dialog in a game that was easily 20+ hours long. You really think the so called "spokespeople for the gay community" would stand quietly by while a game came out with a flamboyant gay protagonist?

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In all seriousness, how was that coupon supposed to infringe on the sales of a program that wont launch til sometime next year?

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@S3kShun62 said:
This is what bugs me....people are ripping into GameStop for doing this, but what if it was Best Buy, or Target, Fry's or any other retailer? Don't give me that "They wouldn't do it" because unles you're corperate office for any of those won't know. Yeah, it's stupid they did it, but if you were in their shoes, would you want to hand business to a competitor? Imagine McDonalds saying "Here, buy a Big Mac and we'll throw in a coupon for a free Whopper from Burger King".
If I were in their shoes I would have followed proper protocol and contacted SE first.  I wouldnt have jeopardized my company because I only care about my business angle that has yet to even be launched.
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Why wasn't the PS3 version of Portal 2 (or the PC version for that matter) an issue, if this is the case?

Im guessing because Onlive and Steam isnt exactly the same thing.  Gamestop is trying to compete with Onlive not Steam.
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Well clearly everything is forgiven! No one forget this incident. And what happened to all of the vouchers taken out eh???
If part of the agreement is to also return the Onlive vouchers, I would love to be the fly on that wall when GS tells their employees they have to turn them back in.  How many do you suppose have already been activated or sold in under the table deals?
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Ill say it again, I seriously think the reason the PC version is being pulled off the shelves is because SquareEnix is making them do it.  That bit at the end of the email about "as per our agreement with SquareEnix" pretty much says it all.

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Now the real question is will SE/Eidos resupply Gamespot with copies of the game sans Onlive Voucher or just not supply them with the PC version at all?

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I suspect SquareEnix gave Gamespot the order to remove copies of the game off their shelves.