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All the people in this thread commenting that CS doesn't have enough strategy - you seriously make me laugh. Maybe try playing the game before you decided what kind of mechanics are going on within it.

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Check /r/GlobalOffensive/ for people who actually play this still. CS:GO is more popular than ever.

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The Wire got me into Law and Order... and police procedural shows in general.

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You guys are crazy, brad isn't leaving.

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Not like this :(

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Also, this is now my favorite thread.

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@MordeaniisChaos: It's an awful game, and they have to suffer!

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Just wanted to post a quick plug for a charity event that is going on right now.

are playing through Sonic the Hedgehog marathon style, live for charity. You can watch the live streams and donate at

Please check it out and spread the word! Thanks.

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@blacklabeldomm you clearly did not read the entire article.
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@Infininja: I suppose I should elaborate on the whole name thing.  
First off, I'm pretty sure that in at least one incarnation of our introduction we clarified who was who. Unfortunately, we had to scrap around 45 minutes of failed introductions due to technical problems we were having with the game. By the time we got everything working, we were pretty anxious to get started, and I guess we just forgot.   
There's a reason we don't address each other by our eName; it makes you feel really fucking dorky. Secondly, referring to one another with pseudonyms that have been used exclusively on the internet for around a decade (In Ryan's case it's been longer), creates this weird disconnect.  I don't expect any of the viewers to know this, but me and Ryan are cousins. It's hard to start addressing someone you've known your entire life with a different name.