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Well considering how much this game cost to make and all the promotions for it, i don't think capcom was going for the ''it's alright for $15''.

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Santa's Slay quickly comes to mind.

Stars Goldberg, you know, the ex-professional wrestler and let me tell you you'll be hard pressed to find another ''classic'' B-Horror Christmas Movie!!

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In the uk we got Dead Space 2 and rock of ages but i would of prefered to get the Walking Dead.. Just depends on what you've played i guess.

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I don't think bayonetta 2 got cancelled, more like shelved for quite a while.

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@SpartanAmbrose said:

@xXHesekielXx said:

Okey this is the situation. A friend of mine started this topic just to screw with me... So i'm not stupid, but my friend apparently is.

A "friend", huh? I guess you both spell "Okay" as "Okey"?

This is priceless.... I laughed quite hard. Well done sir!!

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I still have this game in its wrapper. I enjoyed the hell outta 3 but like you the combat got a bit stale, i do hear this one improves that so maybe i should get round to playing this sooner rather than later? :/.

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Damn, I really need to Renew my PSN + don't I?

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The review came out on the 14th of june as did the game.