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I'd like it! :D

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Thomas Was Alone is an incredible game that people should play.

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I don't know... what.. to say...

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Just got a vita! ID: Elitehero1991

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Would love to play with some fellow duders!

GT: Hylianhero1991

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I would like it! Thanks!

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@Slag said:

@quirkwood said:

What I am wondering is that I say a hell of a lot of shit that could be considered racist, sexist. homophobic or any combination of the afore mentioned. I don't consider myself any of those things I pretty much don't give a shit about who you are or where you come from ...Does the fact I don't give a shit make me rasict, sexist, homophobic or any combo of those two? Or is not giving a shit about that shit the way to true world peace

What those things you say mean to you are not necessarily what they mean to someone who hears it. And you already know that the societal meaning of what you say is offensive otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question in the first place.

It's like the art of telling a good joke in a way, you have to be respectful and understanding of your audience. It's the listener who decides if you are funny, not you. It's the listener who decides if you are being offensive not you.

The key is knowing and respecting your audience.

Not giving a shit, especially when you clearly know this has the potential to really offend people, is just irresponsible. It's the opposite of "true world peace" bro, that's how stupid shit gets started.

If you don't mean it, don't say it. Especially if you are around people you don't know well and who don't know you well. You can't expect people to be mindreaders to know "you don't mean it that way".

If you are around a group of close friends who share your sense of humor, that's a judgement call.

I don't understand why this seems to be so hard for some people to understand. Seems like common sense to me.

I couldn't agree more with this. It baffles me when blame goes to the person who was offended instead of the offender. Just because you may not think something was offensive or hurtful doesn't mean others will feel the same way. Then again, this may just be me. As someone who has been exposed to a fair share of racial bigotry, I don't like potentially offending and upsetting people, so I make sure to watch what I say when I'm in mixed company. But saying something with the mentality of "oh if they get offended, then, well, fuck them because I did not nothing wrong," is ridiculous. Show some respect and decency to others. Understand that people think differently than you and may be more sensitive to certain things compared to you. Don't try to criminalize someone else when it's fully possible that you were just being an asshole.

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Living it up in Kansas City, Kansas!

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And I am the Xbox 360 Persona 4 Arena Champion! But... there is no Endurance Blue-Ray set me, huh? Aww...

Regardless, I had a grand time fighting against my fellow duders! Hopefully we can do this again sometime!

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Anxiously waiting to see who my opponent will be in grand finals. I know plays Kanji, and I'm not sure I can handle that. So much damage!