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@tebbit: Also, didn't Phil Fish immediately apologize to the guy whom he said it to? I could've sworn I read it somewhere.

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Well said.

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Is Phil Fish really that terrible of a human being? He's been a little brash and reactionary in the past, but from what I saw of him on Giant Bomb he seemed pretty chill and self-aware.

Wait...he was on Giant Bomb? When?

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Fine, I'll get a Wii U. Eventually. No wait...probably. Or not. Well...

Fuck you, Nintendo.

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Being a Filipino, not sure if i should be proud? It's always been awkward seeing those figures and in the same souvenir shop, there will also be penis keychains cause they are funny somehow. As for those cracker nuts, too bad they didn't send the superior garlic flavor. And now I know how it feels when a foreigner mispronounces a common word of your dialect. Tagalog has no accents so its just ba-wang (short a).

Lol yeah, but I don't know. I've gotten used to that and actually be entertained when foreigners do mispronounce our native language. Laughed so hard when they had those figures. I was just reminded of childhood memories I've had with those figures at probably the same shop they got it from.

And yeah, the garlic flavor is the best. Bought some the other day after watching this vid. Sooo good.

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It's been a while since I've been to Giant Bomb. I come back seeing this kind of content. Stay awesome, guys! Also, Iceland seems like a nice place. Not very icy, like the name. :o

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Great interview, as always. We finally have a release date for the Director's Cut, so pretty stoked about that.


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The crew have made their fondness for Patrick clear, not sure there's anything else to say: he's here, get used to it. If you can't, take your pick of a million other gaming sites. After all, the only reason to really follow GB is because you thing Jeff and Vinny and everyone are cool. And they're all friends of Patrick.

Couldn't have said it better. If you have a problem with Patrick, frankly, get the fuck out.

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@Pepsiman: Goddamnit. I really thought she was gonna do a leap of faith.

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Oh shit! This is Versus XIII right!? Wait, no it's not...


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Bravo, Giant Bomb. Bravo.

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I really hope that he starts looking at some SNES and Genesis games soon because these extremely old games are boring as hell to watch.

I see these as more informative than entertainment, though. I actually never knew this game even existed (and that goes with pretty much majority of games that came out before I was even born), and now I know. I like that. That's just me, anyway.

That said, I'm sure there are plenty Genesis and SNES games that are more entertaining to watch than this, and Jeff will eventually get around them.