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Hell yeah I'd be up for a podcast. I've done a few and did okay in them. Sign me up.

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Awesome read, enjoyed reading it thoroughly. I was actually thinking of some notable title screens before going in, but Catherine seems to be the only one I can remember in recent years. It's a great attention-grabber for sure; something that not only sets the game's overall tone, but in a way, foreshadows the fate of poor Vincent -- at least to me (also, who doesn't at least cringe at that title screen? I mean, come on, those barbed wires obviously hurt!). I basically interpreted the title screen as sheep-man receiving punishment for whatever he did to that sadistic woman, sitting nonchalantly on top of the cube without a care in the world. But that's probably just me.

Reading this makes me feel motivated to finally finish up Catherine (which I intend to do during Christmas break). I did enjoy it somewhat, but I got so caught up in other games last year that it just unfortunately fell by the wayside.

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I've always wanted to play Persona 2 because people talk big about how great the story is. Also, because you can negotiate with Personas to join your posse, which was never a thing in P3 or P4. Sadly, the original game is like $50 or more. And I don't have a PSP so...

But hey, I'd be happy if P2 was actually cheaper somewhere else than Amazon or something.

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"What are you, a comedian?" - Vinny Caravella

"I think she's pregnant." - Dave Snider

"DiNozzo, more like...di -- dick." - Brad Shoemaker

"Goddamnit, Mary! Go back in the bus!" - Vinny Caravella

"Ryan, I'm a man." - Jeff Gerstmann

"Everyone just be fucking cool." - Ryan Davis


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I'm an accidental cop killer. It's because they're always in the way. Same with civilians.

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The crew said they'll have a livestream showcasing Wii U games on Sunday. So expect a lot of those to be archived after that (similar to how they streamed the Vita stuff) and maybe, some Wii U reviews. Brad's review on New Super Mario Bros. U is most likely going to be the first one.

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Well, it updated finally. But somehow, none of my ACIII and Dishonored trophies showed up at all. And my Sleeping Dogs ones don't have the appropriate icon. Just the usual lock icon. Syndicate trophies showed up just fine. But yeah, the first two I mentioned are still not there.

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"HAWWWWWW" - Jeff Gerstmann, playing Mega Man 9 and failing.

"It's totally OK." - Jeff Gerstmann's take on basically any game that's considered 'alright.'

"OH DUDE!" - Jeff Gerstmann Persona 4 Endurance Run

"Video game criticism just got critiqued!" - Jeff Gerstmann

"Jeff, you just creampied me." - Ryan Davis, Buzz! Quiz World Quick Look

"You guys are the worst company ever!" - Matt Kessler

"How do I hump the air?" - Vinny Caravella

"Grudge fuck." - Dave Snider

"It's like you want to give that bird the bird, amirite?" - Jeff Gerstmann

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Keep 'em coming, Turbo! Love these.

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Hope you get the bugs filled out, because here I come with some moar quotes! =P

"More like, the Shame Room." - Ryan Davis

"This looks good for a Wii game." - Brad Shoemaker

"¡Exzécutable!" - Will Smith

"China Don't Mind." - Norman Chan

"Nothing stops the Endurance Run, motherfucker!" - Jeff Gerstmann

"I don't know what happened! Did you see what happened!? I'll tell you what fucking happened! I was fighting that guy and the camera clipped through a wall, and I got stabbed in the back! And I lost all my souls! How the fuck do you like that!?" - Vinny Caravella

"There's no wink to that. I means, put on a fake dick." - Jeff Gerstmann

"You're not gonna be delivering fucking pizzas! You're not gonna be strapping on fake dicks and fucking people with it. Oh wait -- STRAP IT ON!" - Jeff Gerstmann

"Vinny, we've been duped!" - Brad Shoemaker

"Emails!" - Brad Shoemaker

"It is driving me virtually insane, all the people saying that I am into Jamiroquiai." - Jeff Gerstmann

"It's not even subtle 3D! It's like, 'popping out at your eyes' 3D!" - Patrick Klepek

"Oh shit! Her butt's a robot!" - Jeff Gerstmann

"You're the Punisher or my dad. He does have a magical gun, and a sick skull shirt." - Vinny Caravella