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I really love this dude's songwriting.

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@spacekatgal: As an aspiring game dev myself (I'm a man) these past couple of years have been really huge on changing my perspective on the industry and women and internet culture, and I feel like a much better person and much more equipped to try and lead the industry to a better place. It's people like you who push me to change and do better.

I know this isn't about me, but I feel like I needed to take the time to thank you while you're here responding to the GB community (which is fucking super cool of you, fyi). I'm honestly unspeakably grateful for the voices that have risen up in recent years against people being dirtbags. Keep on keepin' on and know that there are people listening, and we're receiving your points loud and clear.

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@alex: This might come across really nitpicky but it's hard to keep track of posts in this thread, especially when mainly looking out for posts from the staff. Do you think you could quote the person you're responding to? It'd be nice to have a direct reference to it while reading your posts.

If you happen to be reading this I'd also just like to say I appreciate the emotional investment in these matters you've expressed on Bombin' in the AM these past couple of weeks. It's really reassuring and I'm right there with you. Keep on keepin' on duder, and thanks for addressing people in this thread.

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I think Brad really comes into his own as host too, I really enjoy the current dynamic on the podcast.

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Giant bomb is way more about bat fights and Triple A hair than it is about discussing serious social issues, regardless of your background. I can't see how if you are a fan of the site you wouldn't want it to stay that way.

From my perspective, the best part about Giant Bomb isn't all the fun and games. The dudes here have been around a long time in this industry and I'm most satisfied with their serious content about it (this includes social issues reflected in said industry). Having more fresh new faces to contrast their "old-guard" perspectives I think is incredibly valuable for me personally and what I come to this site for and was hoping for in these new hires.

I'm not saying I don't enjoy the laid-back craziness they do and I think Dan and Jason fit right into that mold, however I'd be lying if I said it wasn't disappointing.

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@rorie: Some people on the forums have been operating under the assumption that Dan and Jason were "the guys" from the start and the public job posting was just done for legal reasons. I don't believe that myself for one second, but that's what some people truly think. That despite appearances and the application process, the hires were already chosen.

To add to this, as someone who has been following since the Gamespot days, I don't doubt you guys for a second when it comes to being honest about the vetting process. However, if you remove that context I think it's pretty easy to see how people who aren't familiar with you guys jump to those sorts of conclusions, especially considering today's internet climate in regards to social awareness and diversity and stuff.

Jeff himself talks a lot about the tight-knit group of people in your line of work and how hard (nigh impossible) it is to break in. He's gone pretty deep into it in both podcasts and stuff like his Jar Time videos. I think it's an issue many people were/are acutely aware of and I think this sort of reaction was simply unavoidable when it came to you guys hiring people. I myself was pretty disappointed as I was looking for a more fresh new faces, although that doesn't mean I'm not excited to see what content comes around from Dan and Jason being on board. To be honest I'm incredibly stoked about the future of this site between the SF crew, the crazy people in Chicago with Patrick, and GBEast.

And I want to make special note to the mods and you in particular Rorie. It seems like every couple of months my respect and appreciation for you being here grows and I can't overestimate how happy I am to see you as part of the site, both in community/support roles and on camera. I look forward to whatever write-up comes from you guys. Keep on keepin' on duder.

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Mine is out-of-date, changed it a little over a week ago.

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Anyone know which is the song that's like ripoff Amy Winehouse? Sort of sounds like Lockdown but without the lyrics, uses that same tenor sax.

Can't find it anywhere, they've used it before livestreams many times.

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Blown away.