My top favorite games of all time

These are the best, nothing is better than these games right here.

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Posted by Dynamitekyle

You automatically win for Mother 2-3 and Half-Life.

Posted by Bergasa

This list is random, but the choices are all top-notch. I still have to play Mother 3, but I definitely agree with the others. :)

Posted by ness42153

Love your top 4, and reading your description about majoras mask makes me want to give it a second chance, i tried playing it when i was really young, and the time aspect killed it for me due to frustration

Posted by Aska
To be honest, when I made the list it got jumbled.  Majora's Mask is actually #1.
Posted by ness42153
ok correction then, i love your last 4 XD
Posted by Frubert

I like how absolutely every description of Professor Layton includes the word charming. And that's the exact same word I thought when I was playing the game as well.

Posted by peritus

Majora's Mask better then Oot? i dont know about that, but it's definitly underrated and should have been played more.
End boss was ugly as sin though :P

Posted by Astiaks

This list is great because it has Majora's Mask in it!

Posted by ThePickle

Top 2 choices were all I needed. You are a good man.