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Great interview! Glad you did this, Patrick.

Also, fuck yeah, One Piece.

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Going to join in on the tournament with you guys in a bit. Hoping you all suck.

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No surprises and nothing really looked next-gen or gave you that "wtf!" reaction. Glad they showed games but most were multi-platform games that will sure run better on a PC or PS4. Below was the best thing they showed and they barely showed 10 seconds of it. :[

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Good job dude! Love hearing Drew talk...even if it is just in text format.

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@n7 said:

I can't wait for this guy to go back to his family and commit seppuku because everyone is calling out his defects as being proof he's not real.


Btw I voted here and on GAF and CG all the way!

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Hey! Added you. Hopefully I can find some Giantbomb SC2 players similar to my skill level (garbage). :D

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@mcghee: WTF that game was great! Not sure if trolling. What was bad about it? :[

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The beach? PERFECT TIME TO SAVE HER FROM A GIANT MAN EATING GREAT WHITE SHARK (your friend in a great white shark costume). Only do this if you really feel like having sex tomorrow.

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@redyoshi said:

Haven't gotten too far yet, been slowly chipping away at the early stages whenever I find the time. I just took whatever seemed useful early on until I decided where I was going with these guys.

Landscknecht - Prof./Sonic Raid/Elec. Link/Power Boost/Vanguard

Fortress - Prof./Bolt Strike/Holy Smite/Taunt/Auto-Taunt/Iron Wall

Nightseeker - Prof./Ice Knife/Biding Slice/Sand Throw (Maxed)

Runemaster - Prof./Ice Rune/Ice Lance Rune/Volt Rune/Lightning Rune/Runic Gleam/TP Boost

Sniper - Prof./Leg Snipe/Arm Snipe/Long Shot

I just got a 3DS a few weeks ago for Fire Emblem, so I don't know how to post an image of my guild card. They're all at level 10 though. As I said, I'm still pretty early.

Here you go, found this in the Gamespot forums. I'll be able to upload mine once I'm out of work.

1. Go into Cargo Wharf and choose Manage Guild Card

2. Select your guild card and press Y to move to the next page of your Guild Card

3. There are several options you can choose from there:

- View Status: View the stats of a character registered on Guild Card

- Register on Card: Choose one character to guild card.

- Select Treasure Map: Select one Treasure Map point you've found on Guild Card

- Edit Message: Edit Guild Card message

- Generate QR Code: Create QR code that allows your guild card to be scanned

4. When you finished generating your Guild QR Code, turn off your 3DS system and take out your SD card on the left side of the console.

5. Put the SD Card on the Card reader and plug it into your computer.

6. Go to private/Nintendo 3DS/app/ASJE and you'll found your Guild QR code

7. Upload it on the internet and post it ^^

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Hey duders,

I know there are only a couple of fans of the game on Giant Bomb but hopefully tomorrow's QL gets more people interested. Really enjoying the game so far! A major part of the game is choosing your crew, so lets see em! Maybe we can also put up our QR codes and pictures of our guild cards. Will post my images up as soon as I head back to town.

Current party and skills so far:

Landsknecht - Proficiency/Power Boost/Vanguard

Fortress - Proficiency/Iron Wall/ Taunt

Dancer- Proficiency/Regen Waltz/ Counter Samba

Runemaster - Volt Rune/ Lightning Rune/ TP Boost

Sniper - Proficiency/ Lock On/ Leg Snipe/ Arm Snipe