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Nintendo will probably take this year again. Zelda, Xenoblade, Splatoon, Mario Maker and a few other games are coming out this year and I'm sure more will be announced at E3. Other than Bloodborne, there is still no real reason to own a One or a PS4 if you have a computer that works.

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Really excited to see what they do with Super Hot. Mario Maker is what I am most excited for on that list. It just has so much potential to be an incredible game with infinite replay-ability. As long as they do right with the different game physics and let you make some real crazy ass shit and have a serviceable online structure, then count me the fuck in.

Actually, fuck that. I completely missed Splatoon. Splatoon has a chance of being something really special. I remember watching that first announcement trailer at E3 a couple years ago and I just fucking GOT it was going for and I loved it. They're just showing lots of neat ways they can fuck around with the gameplay system built for this shooter.

They've shown off some single player stuff recently and I wasn't completely sold with that they've shown. I wouldn't mind if Nintendo was able to pull of a strictly multiplayer only shooter with a some sort of online system in place. I love the style, love the music and I can already tell the gameplay is going to be fucking terrific. Deliver on the online multiplayer experience and maybe add some sort of leveling up mechanic and they'll have another great franchise in their hands.

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Great interview! Can't wait to see what comes out from these guys. I've never played any Clock Tower despite my love for horror movies/games. Maybe I'll give it a shot soon.

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Looks so silly but so fucking cool. I'm so in for this dlc.

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Great interview! Glad you did this, Patrick.

Also, fuck yeah, One Piece.

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Going to join in on the tournament with you guys in a bit. Hoping you all suck.

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No surprises and nothing really looked next-gen or gave you that "wtf!" reaction. Glad they showed games but most were multi-platform games that will sure run better on a PC or PS4. Below was the best thing they showed and they barely showed 10 seconds of it. :[

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Good job dude! Love hearing Drew talk...even if it is just in text format.

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@n7 said:

I can't wait for this guy to go back to his family and commit seppuku because everyone is calling out his defects as being proof he's not real.


Btw I voted here and on GAF and CG all the way!

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Hey! Added you. Hopefully I can find some Giantbomb SC2 players similar to my skill level (garbage). :D