Game of the Year Eligibility Requirements

It's nearly time to pronounce plaudits upon the greatest video games of the year 2014. Something appeals to me about the idea of setting down the criteria I use to determine eligibility for my version of these esteemed awards. These are they:

  1. The game must have made its initial or US release within the current calendar year.
    1. For most western games, the initial release and the US release occurs on the same day, so the distinction is not important.
    2. The distinction is more likely to matter for Japanese releases. Persona 5, for example, will make its initial release in 2015 and its US release in 2016 and will pass this rule in both years.
  2. Any game is only eligible for a single year's awards.
    1. If the Japanese release of Persona 5 is considered for the 2015 awards, for example, the US release would no longer be eligible for 2016.
  3. DLC and expansion content is eligible if it received a retail release or would have, in my opinion, received a retail release in 1995.
    1. Diablo expansions and Civilization expansions qualify, Bioshock Infinite's Burial at Sea does not.
  4. Re-releases and remakes are eligible if, in my opinion, the length of time since the original release and the changes made to the game are substantial enough.
    1. The Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, while still a fantastic game, does not meet either criteria and is not eligible. The Halo CE Anniversary meets both criteria and is eligible.
  5. Episodic games become eligible once all of its episodes are released.
  6. The game must have been released on a digital computing device of some sort.
    1. This means that browser, iOS, and Ouya games are all eligible, you know, if any actual good games existed for those platforms.
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