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Yeah, they totally changed the flavor at the same time they changed the shape and made it way worse.

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Also, is there a new dungeon in the game?

Yeah, it'll unlock if you have Marie maxed by the end of December.

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I actually really enjoyed DAII. The enemy spawning and the recycled dungeons are kind of a bummer, but like most BioWare games, the characters are good, the dialog is well-written, and the story is plenty compelling to get you through. It does use the ME style of dialog choice instead of the way DA:O did it, but the spectrum of choices are generally well-represented and I never felt constrained by it. I think for the price they're asking, it's probably worth your time to check it out.

As for the save import into Inquisition, they're going to have some sort of web-based way of porting your choices forward. I'm not sure if that means you'll be able to upload your actual saves from the old games or if you'll just have to fill out a web form or something, but there will be a way of importing your choices, no matter what platform you end up playing Inquisition on.

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Man she looks really dangerous and will probably kill you in your sleep. Run as far away as you can^^

A quote that can be applied to pretty much any girl in this game.

Or any character, period.

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Yeah, in old iOS, the podcast stuff comes from the iTunes Store, which doesn't update its podcast listings very often. If you were subscribed through the podcasts app, you'd be hitting the Giant Bomb RSS directly, which would let you see the new stuff.

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PSN doesn't usually update until late afternoon/early evening.

EDIT: US time, I should say

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Yay, this is my favorite part of GOTY!

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I'd prefer if when you died it said "A DEFEATED IS YOU" or something along those lines. "You Defeated" is such sublimely bad English that it kind of adds a special kind of flavor to Dark Souls, just like all the horrifically butchered scriptural English such as "Cometh soon" that makes my skin crawl.

I'm not only replying to you but I don't see why it's considered such horrible English. It's really just an incomplete sentence: You Defeated [the Demon].

Right. "You Defeated" is perfectly valid Japanese, too, since the object of the sentence is easily implied from context. Whoever was translating made the correct translation, they just failed to make the object explicit. Something like "You're Winner" is worse because someone made the translation and then decided to get fancy with the contractions without understanding them.

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Yeah, I just got the same email. I hope they go into a little more detail at some point.

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Except you're not paying attention to any of that because the closer's in plain sight.