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This is still not working. I try to change my e-mail and check in here every few days, since I wouldn't get an e-mail notification if there was a reply to this topic. I still get the "Whoops! Something went wrong!" message and the e-mail account associated with this account is one I can never access again.

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I recently lost access to the e-mail account associated with this account, and am trying to change that through the billing page.

I can enter my new e-mail address and password, hit enter, and see a message that says "Whoops! Something went wrong." The e-mail address associated with my account appears to have been updated, but if I go back to that page, it's still the old address.

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I think I've made it to World 3 once, maybe twice but I still love this damn game. The GOTY podcast stuff and its frequent mentions reminded me I have it for PS4, so I'm back to doing dailies.

Side note - I've never been into Spookin' With Scoops because horror games aren't my thing. Spleunky wasn't either until Spleunkin' With started, so I'll be forever grateful to Patrick for opening my eyes to this game.

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I love Alex's work and enjoyed this list and the thoughtfulness behind it, but I can't let one thing go.

Circumnavigate. In 80 Days, you're attempting to circumnavigate the world. I don't know how someone would circumvent the globe. Maybe if he or she was an astronaut?

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Thanks for everything you've brought to the site and community, Patrick. I'm really, really bummed you're moving on but excited to see what's next for you.

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There are a lot of games already mentioned in this thread that I'm looking forward to playing/hoping they don't get delayed to 2016/hoping if they get delayed it all works out for the best. But my most anticipated game in 2015 is Battlefield: Hardline. Given how poorly it was received simply as a game BEFORE this autumn and winter and the continuing issues around police militarization and community interaction, watching how that game progresses, is marketed, and what it's released as has me completely fascinated.

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I just played one match. We got destroyed (not surprising because I suck at Halo) but when the round ended, I got dumped back to the "Waiting for players screen" and no one ever joined. Couldn't find a way to quit back to the main menu. Might try again tomorrow.

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Dad got the Bruce Springsteen Album Collection, Volume 1. Mom got an Amazon gift card and a Washington Nationals charm for her Pandora bracelet. Low key Christmas.

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@joshwent: Just watched it. This is the exact definition of "game that I hope I remember exists the night before the next time I have to get on a plane."

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@splodge: Yeah, I don't see it anywhere either. Bummed out because I was really looking forward to this due to my own curiosity about the game. Hopefully it'll get sorted out once people are in the SF office.