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I finally bet the heroic bosses using purely netdecks suggested for them (Druid, Zoo, Ice/Alex Mage). Took three tries on the first boss and one on the other two. The key for me on Maexxna ended up being using Alexstra to buff my own health because things had gotten so dire. I feel so dirty, I'm going to go take several showers after deleting these decks. Except maybe the Zoo one...

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I have two PS4 codes (Edit: PS4 Codes are for Americas) and one Xbox One code. PM me if you want them to prevent bots from stealing. First come, first served.

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"That's generally considered a bad thing" as Kvyat's car goes up in flames. I love British understatement.

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@patrickklepek If running Worth Reading on a Monday works better for you and the site, more power to you. I will say that I liked having it go up on Friday evenings, knowing that I could come back to it over the weekend when there was less content coming from Giant Bomb and I'd have more time to dig into the articles you've highlighted. The later was especially important, as those would tend to be things I'd seen linked on Twitter during the week by someone or multiple people, but at times when it wasn't practical to read a longer article.

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Thanks everyone, looks like the character xp bar was just being funky this morning for me. My Rogue had just hit 27, and looked like she hadn't earned anything after 3 or 4 games...but I logged back in this evening and she was 3/4 of the way to 28 with no playing between then and now. Weird, but apparently mystery solved.

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I've been looking at official Blizzard resources and can't find an answer to this so I thought I'd try the community here. In completing some daily challenges, I'm no longer getting experience in Casual play mode for wins or losses. Is this normal? Is it capped by character level? That was my initial thought as my Level 27 Rogue didn't gain any XP with a loss, then didn't get any with a win, either. I've since lost and won games with a level 21 Priest and gotten no XP from those matches either.

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My guy Brutus, who is no puppy at 14 but is also THE BEST pup. Much love to Rorie and the rest of the crew.

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@fear_the_booboo @alternate: thank you. I had the same question.

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@betterbuckleup: Any time today works for me - I"ll leave BNet open so you can ping me. What time frames work best for you? I'm on EDT.

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Just finished my loser's round matches with @devise22. I won game 1 Warrior vs Mage, lost game two to his Palladin, and then pulled out a cheap win with my Rogue over his Pally. 2-1 me, I'll be moving on.