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the biggest problem i've seen and heard from the head developers in regards to devil may cry has to be the comment they made, stating "Dante wasn't cool 13 years ago, when the PS2 first came out" When a company developing a game doesn't even know the history behind a system and game then why are they touching it?   Devil may cry originally came out in 2001 that's almost 9 years ago, and the PS2 came out in 2000 just barely 10 years ago.   So where did the extra years come from?   If they can make a good game i don't care about what the character looks like, but if they are picking up a franchise that is already in place and have no idea what they are doing then please leave it alone.   This would be like someone taking resident evil saying it came out 25 years ago and the remake they are doing will have you hunting bears, lions and tigers, while not having anything to do with zombies.   I'm sure just about anyone can take a franchise that is in place and if done right re-invent that franchise, but I don't have much hope with ninja theory they made heavenly sword which had a boring story and the gameplay was pretty weak, and enslaved looks like they took someone else's story and have the same gameplay from heavenly sword.  So i'll wait for this game to come out, so i can try it out and see what they do with it, but from the picture i've seen of ninja theory's co-founder the character design for dante is just tameem antoniades.  

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if you don't care about the reviews then why post a thread about not caring about the reviews?  why even read or comment on the posts...this thread just makes me think you do care about the reviews, but that you wanted people to pay attention to your thread over other threads which seems to be working in a sense.    In the future if you really don't care about the reviews then don't read them it's really quite simple to move past a thread without clicking on i should have done here haha

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maybe i missed something, but i believe will wright likened the wii to a kids toy, and the sony "playstation move" makes me think that sony wants gamers to play with a toy,  it seems like hardcore gamers/sony fanboys if you will are jumping on the casual gamer band wagon just because it's something released by sony, they might as well change the slogan to "what moves you" im sorry i'll avoid this product because it looks like a copy, i may check out microsofts project natal just for the fact it loses the controllers and actually looks like a new way to move motion controls... or i may just get off my arse and go play basketball outside like a real person.