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Near perfect 0

What a game, Metroid: Other M, is near perfect.  The reason i say near perfect is because there are some flaws holding back what could otherwise have been a perfect game.   I'm gonna avoid any kind of spoilers in this review and just talk about why Nintendo went out on a limb and allowed team ninja to do what they do best while bringing it to one of the best nintendo franchises.  Pros- story, Gameplay, mechanics, graphics, seamless cutscenes.   For years the one thing lacking from metroid games ...

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hell hath no fury like a FPRPG 0

I know borderlands has been out for a long time and im a little late in the review department but I started playing this game again and wanna explain why this is probably one of the best games to combine first person shooter elements with RPG elements and why it works wonderfully.  Story: First thing im gonna hit on is the story with this game... it's probably the most ill conceived story i have ever played through it feels like they took "fallout 3" story and reversed it, instead of you startin...

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splinter cell improved 8

This is gonna be a work in progress So far i have managed to get through 4 chapters of the game and i enjoy sam fishers lastest outing the most, i have never been a fan of the old splinter cell games up through double agent they felt like they were metal gear solid games to a certain extent, but they changed so much in this game without it feeling like they got rid of anything.   I love the ability to interrogate people move them around and use objects to abuse them into saying stuff, also being...

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Worst ending to a trilogy? 0

First off God of war 3 is the same game as one and two just longer.  i really wanna see the original ending they had for this game, cause they ending they did have flat out sucks, they just took the cheapest way out possible after spending the entire game playing kratos who is an a-hole to the 30th degree he suddenly becomes a pansy at the end.  beyond the ending, length and the stupid quicktime button events to kill off mini bosses and big bosses, this game was the same as the first two but wit...

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god of war? not really 0

Thing about Dante's inferno, i've never read the divine comedy that this game is suppose to be based on prior to playing the game after playing the game i read the poem, biggest problem for anyone who has read the epic poem is that this does not in fact follow the poem.  Yes dante is there, beatrice is there, but beatrice is helping dante get out of hell in the poem she isn't his lover.   Im gonna try and break down what i think works with this game and what i think doesn't.  Things i loved abou...

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Counter strike anyone? 4

Played the Beta, played the full version no difference between the two, but this game feels like a hollow version of counter strike which i haven't played in 8 years, if i wanna go back and visit counter strike i'll go visit counter strike not this hollow imitation.   Several things that cause this game to now be as good as it could be, my biggest concern with this game is PSN is horrible with online game play, have yet to play a game that does not drop you from the network repeatedly, never had...

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Not a multiplayer fan 2

My review is mainly based on the single player aspect of any game, im not a fan of multiplayer games i have no interest in listening to someone else whine online, as far as this game goes for someone who enjoys single player games it is a very polished and well made game.   the single player aspect is short, it seems infinty ward had no interest in doing anything to improve the single player aspect it just feels like cod:mw all over again which is my biggest gripe with any sequel if your gonna s...

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