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@graboids said:

made a few more...

Super diggin these =]

This these would be sweet for the website, but would change the CHI to Just CH in keeping with the other two.

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That means the game will be aloof, unresponsive and generally indifferent to your inputs.

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I miss the Thursday night throwdown they used to do. Yes it was ryan's baby but I just wish they would bring it back again.

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COD has been milked to death. How many more cods can we take? they did this with guitar hero and it will get to a point were people will go another cod meh don't care.

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@barno said:

Im not sure, when it is from, but it was played on a Windows 97 or XP im not all sure, so i guess its from the late 90's or start 2000's. It was a 3D game, and it was played on a PC. It was a game, where you landed on some kind of a planet, with a weapon. And you had to kill monsters and get your way through, while you obtained new and better weapons. You were outside in the start, but not very far in the game, you go into a very very big temple. The graphics in the game, were not very good. I think it was just a game for casual gamers.

I think that either the name of the game contained "bomb" or else was there some kind of a bomb near exploding on the box/container of the rom.

I really really hope that you can answer me, which game it is im talking about :-)

Could have been the first unreal game.

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No not really its about the same.

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Sony sure do know how to mess their fan base about. Seems they are just giving you a games console with less features than the current generation of console. They could do a u-turn on those features but i guess there will have to be a few major updates.

Why do you have to download the dvd/blu-ray play back feature on day one, should this not be as standard straight out of the box?

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No Taco Bell here so it's Doritos and Mountain Dew ftw. So xb one ftw

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@2headedninja: I hear this bullshit all the time, rts can work on consoles, just need to redesign the control scheme