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@shingatsu: you might be talking about this game, you can get them on GOG or steam

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Sounds like a company that has either run out of ideas that it has to continually rely on its tired and trusted franchises without bringing out new ip's, plus why bring out a 2DS. Nintendo you have run out of ideas you will suffer, the wiiU is dying.

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its under system setting, memory, clear cache or something like that.

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Mr CM punk will tell you.

lol that literally fucking funny to watch, figurativley speaking

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Movie Critics are generally wanna be movie directors, who could not direct their way out of a paper bag. Its easier for them to be critical of a movie than actually take the time to go and make a movie. If they did make a movie someone would be very crititcal of it and then again it would be some artsy farty piece of shit that no one gets except the twat that made it.

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I feel he could be a bit of tom baker doctor who about him in character about him

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The only difference how good the games will perform and play on each system, And in truth that is all that matter to me. Everything else i dont care about.