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Ryan would want it to continue. I think if he were alive the website closing down because one of our friends and crew has passed away would be upsetting not only to the fans but to the memory of the person who had passed away. He knows the website must continue it was something he enjoyed and I reckoned loved to do. Sad loss but the show must go on and I think Ryan would be very happy for it to continue.

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Only just seen this. This is so sad, condolences to the Davis family. Must be totally heartbreaking for his wife after they only got married. A large part of giantbomb has been lost. We will miss you Ryan.

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Until they open them in Europe it's a no.

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Late 2014 or 2015 probably.

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Wow adverts on xbone, controlled by kinect. Big deal not as if the adverts are intrusive on the 360, they are not like your watching a tv programme and then they go to commercial break and spoil what your doing. The only time adverts will become annoying is when they pop up in game and ask you do you want to buy this weapon or amour etc, much the way I see free to play games that only allow to progress when you purchase what ever it is you need to get further on.

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I think the console consumer may have shot themselves in the foot with the ranting. Yes you got what you wanted, but now we will not have that steam level of sales and price reductions. Plus you will loose out on any resale value of any games you trade in a GameStop etc will give you such a shit trade in value. Now we cannot share our on console games library with family members, nice one fanboys

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Let the games begin. Time will tell now who got a better or worse deal in the next gen battle.

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@darkdragonmage99: in truth if giantbomb did that I would find another site as there are plenty out there. It's the same with mobile cellular provider if I am not happy with what they are doing I move on to one of their rivals.

Same with car dealers if I don't like the product they have on show or the terms and conditions they offer on a car sale then fuck em move to another dealer and model. Same here if people don't like the xbone, there are two other big players out there and at some point in time valves steam box will arrive.

So you have a choice want a next gen console but don't like what Microsoft have done then get a ps4 or wii U or wait for valves steam box. Pointless ranting on the Internet as Microsoft are not forcing anyone to buy an xbone, same as Sony it's up to you, at the end of the day it will be people's cash that will do all the talking, as that is the main thing the big three are interested in cold hard cash going into their bank accounts.

All the ranting and raving over used game, 24 check in etc will be done and dusted by the next e3, then when the next gen is at the end of its cycle, used games will be a thing of the past as every thing will be digital downloads, physical media games discs will be obsolete.

People forget that if Microsoft had not entered the console market, you would not have had online play in any of the previous or current gens consoles, they helped to push it, Sony did not or Nintendo either. I don't think the ps3 would have had online and was only added after Sony saw how popular the original Xbox live was the first Xbox. I will get an xbone as I like the games it has to offer, I will get a ps4 after that but further own the line.

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No I either by them new or when they get reduced in price.

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Fuck sake chill out everyone, you don't like what Microsoft are doing then get a ps4. Simple as that, it's not as if Microsoft is forcing you to by the xbone