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Romney belongs to a cult.

Yes, that may be controversial and you can attack me if you wish, but Mormonisn is not a religion, it is a cult. It should never be legitimised. Sure, it is a pleasant enough cult, almost harmless, but a cult is a cult. I don't come in to this view from a position of ignorance. I have a family of Mormons who are close friends. I met and maintained this friendship from spending some time in the local church - call it a theological journey.

Next up, a Scientologist for President? Hell, I still watch movies with John Travolta and Tom Cruise, plus I am a huge fan of Beck's music, but not for a second do I believe a Scientologist should hold office. I don't care that Romney is a successful businessman. In fact, what he has done in private enterprise makes him even worse and I think he will increase rich people power over the country, but that doesn't preclude him from being President, but being in a cult is a bridge too far for me.

I want to see sour faces on FOX News.

There is nothing I would enjoy more than seeing the media arm of the Republican Party writhe in agony after they lose the election. On the flipside, there would be nothing worse than the smugness they would display if they win. At least I could just not watch that, but watching them lose would be worth the admission price.

So, there you have my political views. Make of them what you wish and feel free to yell at me. After all, it is just an opinion.

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A bunch of pixels?

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No, we pay $100 a game on release. However, we also earn as much as 3 times what a typical lower paid American earns, so that evens it out in favour of Australia.

Curse you and your high-yield kangaroo markets!

Move to Australia and enjoy all that it offers - snakes, sharks, crocodiles, spiders and a bird that can rip out your insides (cassowary). We have something for everyone!

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@NekuSakuraba said:

I import a lot of stuff, and I've never had any customs fees. When do they apply, exactly? (I live in Australia if that has anything to do with it).

We can buy up to $1000 in goods before there is any taxes.

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Wow. In Australia I can import anything up to $1000 before any import taxes are levied. The lucky country indeed.

Yeah, but you guys have to pay like $200 for video games, so it kinda evens out.

No, we pay $100 a game on release. However, we also earn as much as 3 times what a typical lower paid American earns, so that evens it out in favour of Australia.

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Wow. In Australia I can import anything up to $1000 before any import taxes are levied. The lucky country indeed.

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I only recently came out of a 6 week deep depression. That lasted about 5 days only to return to it. I have always had some issues with depression, but never so deep or for so long. Mine is mainly work related. I have had a miserable 12 months (they disposed of a colleague and double my workload by taking up his role as well as mine) and I expect to lose my job soon, which only fuels the depression. The stress has pushed my blood pressure to 200/110. I find myself lost and shedding tears way too frequently. After 2 weeks off sick recently, my boss has only made it clear that I should just quit and she doesn't want to know what my problems are, just that I should work harder, get better results and then they will ease up on me (she also suggested I should quit - I won't be doing that). I sleep very poorly and am chronically tired and find my tasks just getting further and further behind. The 2 weeks off only exacerbated that issue.

My doctor wants me to take anti-depressants and for the last 3 weeks they just sit on the fridge - I don't want to take them. They sit there with the blood pressure medicine, which I also haven't taken - I risk having a stroke. It has become so bad I recently lost 2 days of my life - literally, I have absolutely no recollection of 2 days of my life.

So yes, I have depression. I think a lot about ending my life and some exotic ways to do it, but I don't believe that would go through with it. I feel like I am on a horrible ride and I just want to get off. Perhaps my annus horribilus will end and I will return to being the extremely happy and vibrant person I once was - I miss that guy.

Personally I think depression is pretty normal. I see it as just part of the cycle of life and have never been bothered by it, until this year. I wish anyone here dealing with it all the best.

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

COD2,4,WAW,MW2 and Black Ops all had amazing campaigns. Some of the stages in MW2 are some of the most fun I have had with games. Snowmobile anyone, plus MW2 had the fantastic Spec-Ops if you got a buddy to do split screen with they are some of the most fun you will have co-op.

Co-op is definitely where I think I could have some fun, just as I did in Gears of War (except my friend would leave me dead too long) - as long as it is local.

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I think we all presume to know too much. Plus, libel laws aren't that bad, it is how the courts apply them that matters. In this case, with my limited reading, I can see libel, simply because even with fact, it is still seemingly attempting to damage her reputation. How no-one can see that is sad.

This may just be my uninformed and/or US-centric view, but I was under the impression that libel laws were intended to combat outright lies.

Our laws on defamation/libel have already been tightened, but truth is not always an absolute defence. There is context and public interest and whether what is said is designed to damage or not. I took notice of the one comment:

"And instantly I am suspicious. I am suspicious of this journalist's apparent love for Tomb Raider. I am asking myself whether she's in the pocket of the Tomb Raider PR team. I'm sure she isn't, but the doubt is there."

Even though it says she isn't, it can be reasonably assumed he is implying that she is. He is potentially damaging her reputation by linking her to a supposed bad practice, with a casual out at the end. It would be the same if you said that you were suspicious that she was a terrorist and then saying you are sure she isn't, but the doubt is there. There is good reason to test that out in court because he isn't stating the truth as some put it, just fuzzy implication. Her reputation has been questioned and she has a right to take action - which may or may not work.

Not that I am an expert here. I am not. I just think everyone is to quick to take sides and attack the assumed and chosen enemy. We should all just take a breath before commenting.

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No desire to play online? Then you shouldn't.

I couldn't disagree more, sure there not fantastic stores, but you can find Call of Duty 4 selling for about £10.

I know I can pick it up for less than that in local currency.

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If you get your hands on the console xbox/ps3 version and try it online, it is very likely to hook you for a long time. Nothing out there really compares, and so whether not you love shooters or JRPGs is completely irrelevant. It will exhilarate you either way.

I think you are under-estimating my general ennui with shooters.

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I think you should just get new friends. That way you keep your dignity!

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to play Dancing Stage Mario Mix ............