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" Gday I'm Johnny5/J5 from Sydney. (Jayge calls me asianpersuasian >_>) Only sydneysider I know.  There arent that many aussies but theres a decent UK contingent.  Don't get mixed up with Red the singaporean guy :PIn queensland there is Manachild and MatfeiIn Perth there is Rowr and AspiringAndy. "
Welcome to Giantbomb.
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At the start of the movie, In the movie 'The Princess Bride' (1987) the kid is playing 'Hardball' for the Commodore 64 or the Atari 8-Bit.

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I'm just hoping that we are going to get different coloured boxes, I wish the box art for this said "FREE BOX INCLUDED!" on the front.

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What the hell is with Sony and there pre-order demos, there marketing divsion must suck.
What's with all of the negetivity towards Ryan? Sometimes you people are so stupid, you act like people will actually gives a shit about your comments.

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This just shows how stupid 13 year old kids are, since when do cars define how good a county is...

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I wonder if these companies have ever heard of exchange rates?
There is more than one currency for a reason..

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Vegas is certainly a interesting location for this to take place.

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Dude, that is such an awesome deal!

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As the title suggests, post a picture of your Fable 2 hero. I'll get my two characters up soon.