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^To sell Wii's to the remaining homeless population of Western Civilization that still don't have one.

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^ "I'd buy that for a dollar"
I suspect the price drop will come soon enough for this butchered version of the Wii.  They don;t want another repeat of the DS outselling the 3DS any time soon.

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@AndrewB: Yeah but "single divorced mom edition" doesn't move as many units.
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Well to be fair, they also took away the stand, the Gamecube ports and functionality.

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Not gamecube backward compatible.
Comes with 2 games and a controller w/ nunchuck.
New Horizontal emphasis (no stand).

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Since I'm a vegan, I have to take this hypothetical to even greater lengths.
Short answer: Wheat with Turkey.  Wheat will give me something to think about. Turkey will make me sleep more easily in my new environment.

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I've recently started to go through my old gaming magazines (some as old as from 1991) and begun to add a "Critical Reception" section to any game I find.  So far, since I am doing it by date, I only add EGM but in time I'll be adding the other publications as well.
Clearly I find it something worthwhile, but is it something that the site views as needed? I don;t want to do all these only to have them erased as part of a re-design.

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Was there a conclusive "end" to the second one.  Or was this change as a result of focus-groups (speculation)?
I'd think there would be more interest in the Western setting now that Red Dead introduced it to the masses.

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I'd consider Enslaved to have a decent portrayl of an a mature relationship between adults.

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