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lol no, just convert already.

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Welcome, my friend. Rome 2 is around the corner. Brace yourself.

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If he's a street-fighter fan, you should know... the Guile theme goes with everything.

Unless you have the economy to give him a good PC gaming rig, something arranged with friends is possibly prefered. A gaming-themed cake with a speech? Something involving alcohol? Definitely alcohol, unless he's not into that.

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Didn't mind Connor that much. Ezio was way more awesome though.

As for the game, I actually thought it was alright. The side-mechanics themselves were a bit convoluted however, the economy was screwed up and a lot of stuff was never properly explained mechanics wise.

It was alright.

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I've been meaning to try the 2012 Syndicate, in fact, I am staring at the shortcut on my keyboard at this very moment. I thought you were trolling due to the outcry from the original fans of the series when the FPS was released, and since a spiritual successor normally means the game retains the base mechanics of the previous game, as in the spiritual successor of an RPG being an RPG, RTS being an RTS and so forth. Thought it was a bait. RTS games aren't exactly "popping" right now either, but that isn't an incentive for me and so many other fans of the genre to not want more of it.

"There are so many options that they could explore if it was instead a third person game in the style of Assassins Creed". How about you wait for CD Project Red's Cyberpunk then? Hell, Prey 2 looks pretty interesting too. The issue many took with the 2012 Syndicate was that it, in fact, wasn't a Syndicate game - it wasn't a isometric real-time tactical game like the others. If they suddenly upped and tried to make an Assassin's Creed sequel into a tower defense game (see what I did there?) I can't help but imagine the original fans being angry about it, no matter how engaging or fun the game would be. Having Syndicate an isometric real-time tactical doesn't impose limitations on what "Syndicate could be", it's what makes Syndicate into Syndicate.

"you could play an agent that receives missions from his corporation that involved espionage, stealth, assault, kidnapping etc."

Here you're playing as 4 agents, that does... basically that.

"From the perspective of an over the battlefield camera, which works well enough in Company of Heroes because you're mainly on open fields but will be instantly troublesome in a city environment, you'll be limited to seeing your little agents fiddle with their hands and watching progress bars."

Baseless assertion. Check out the video I posted. I honestly don't see why everything has to be turned into FPS or Third-Person games these days. It's that kind of publisher market appeal that is killing creativity. If isometric real-time doesn't quite cut it for you, then admit you're not a Syndicate fan, stand aside, and leave it to the actual fans to enjoy.

Kickstarter has reached its goal, thanks everyone who made it happen!

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A fine attempt at trolling! I must say, it made my blood churn for a few seconds before I calmed down.

That said, you are a twit. :C


Cheers for the heads up. I checked the forum rules through again just for safety and found nothing against raising awareness over something you're passionate about. Had I gotten cash to do this it would have fallen under the rule against advertisement and earning moneywhatnot. Just a backer that really, really badly wants to see this go through.

Does GB seriously lack old Syndicate fans to this degree, or did I just post this at a bad time? I want opinions! What do people think about what's been seen so far? Have 5 Lives got the pulse for this, or are they walking down the wrong alley? Does alcohol make me invent weird synonyms?

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At least over 100 euros. Got a good salary last month.

My backlog just grew immensively.

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I already put down my betting money for this game.

It's so close but if it doesn't happen then I guess it didn't happen and somehow the world didn't end.

Thank you, good sir. There's always that last 2 day burst at Kickstarter for projects that are meant to make it. We can only pray it happens here too.

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"Now to pray that this looks as tidy as it did during the editing when I post this."

Almost. Just... almost.

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Evening fellow bombers!

I come yet again with the tidings of another kickstarter that may need your, yes, YOUR aid. As it stands right now, 5 Lives Studios' spiritual successor to the


games called

Satellite Reign

is hovering at the 316k out of 350k mark on their kickstarter. 5 Lives have been concerned that they haven't yet managed to reach out to all the fans of their old games that may be interested, and as such, after searching meticulously on the Giantbomb forums and finding nothing about it (but strangely enough a page for it on the wiki, huh) I decided to raise awareness about the game. Because seriously, this looks awesome. If you're an old fan of the series, and didn't know about this, I forgive you - but it requires your sacrifice and it does so now.

(For those oldtimers that my words may already have swayed, or for those that can't be arsed reading what I'm writing and want to check it out themselves, here's the link to the kickstarter:


To quote their kickstarter, Satellite Reign is "A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city", and who the hell doesn't just love that? You'll take charge of 4 agents, each a distinct class. 3 have had their artwork presented to those following the development as of yet. I'll be postin' some pictures here for eyecandy, but unless I crop them and make them smaller the GB page makes them look like crap, so my apologies iof they seem a bit grimy. There's the Soldier, the Hacker and the Support agents.

We're waiting for the Assassin agent reveal. For those curious as to how the game is played, they resently released an in-engine visualisation of how they imagine the game will look like (and damn does it look fine in that Unity engine).

For those that remember the old Syndicate and Syndicate Wars games, this should seriously be a no-brainer. For the rest of you, check it out. These guys seriously seem like they know what the hell they're doing.

Either GB doesn't allow imbeded code, or I am an incompetent twit. You're going to have to go to to the kickstarter to see their actual promotional video (


Now to pray that this looks as tidy as it did during the editing when I post this.

EDIT: It screwed up a little. On the other hand, GOAL REACHED. Grab a tier before they vanish fellas!