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@asrahn: Already been said it's not "immersion" breaking in the least. Also no need to go to the internet to cry about something so trivial. Live sucks in that world. When you have very little safe entertainment because of lack of technology you'll do what you can to try to put a little shine in your horrible life. Lapdances, music and story telling. Not many choices.

Who are you to tell me what is supposed to break my immersion or not? I didn't "go to the Internet and cry", I was asking a genuine question.

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I'd go for a lapdance in a post apocalyptic future. Who are you to judge, mister?!

My good Gentleman, I do not judge! I am merely asking out of personal preference!

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@ninessc2 said:

lol..... just type in jesus and the scene goes away.

I thought Jesus was the go-to guy for the bread and wine stuff, or am I missing something?

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@twinsun said:

Does it really bother you that much?

Metro: 2033 managed just fine to present a gritty, adult universe without resorting to throwing tits in your face.

Yes it is optional. Also, a lapdance in a stripclub is the opposite of immersion breaking.

The context is irrelevant really. I rather have my Metro be all about dark tunnel crawling and great story. It's immersion breaking for me due to its forced nature (as mentioned earlier, 2033 didn't require it to be "adult") - fact remains that the devs for some reason chose to include it in the game at some point during the development process. I frankly find it annoying, and ultimately immersion breaking. Thanks for answering my question though.

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Good afternoon Giantbomb!

I've been meaning to ask whether it's possible to skip the scene where Artyom recieves a rather (from my view) immersion-breaking lapdance-out-of-nowhere. I remember Metro 2033 had the option to skip almost all cutscenes by pressing E, is this still an option in this game and can I thus play the game the gritty, melancholic way or am I doomed to sigh at distraction tits?

EDIT: As to clarify, it's immersion breaking for me personally and I'm not saying that it should be for everyone else. I'm just asking a question.

I seem unable to flag my own thread for deletion. If mods could get this removed, as I've recieved my answer, that'd be great.

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@greggd: We'll see. GODUS was lacking just about the same amount, and managed to close that in just 24 hours. It's amazing how the pace picks up by the end of many kickstarters.

I only pray it happens here too.

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I once met and was allowed to pat wild wolves.

Very special moment in my life.

I also beat the last part of Ninja Gaiden while drunk.

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Criterion would be great, alas, this is probably as close as we can get.


It is within your power to fight against that! : >

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Greetings Giantbomb!

Do you fellows remember kicking other bikers into oncoming vehicles? Whacking them over the head with a baton and laughing as you saw them tumble to the ground? Speeding so fast that your eyes struggled to follow the road and getting the cops on your arse?

Did you also do this in a videogame, inevitably sparing you a jail sentence? (Man, games are awesome)

Road Redemption is currently running into its last stretch on kickstarter, and I'm considering backing it. (

for those interested). They've got some sweet looking backer rewards, and I'm personally pumped as hell from seeing the promo video. Something that's always made me a bit worried about kickstarter rewards however is the notion of precisely that - the rewards. If no one else can get a hold of a particular item after release, wouldn't that then make the game inherently imbalanced? Particularly as they plan on taking clan battles into online play, making it a rather organised deal. Have you experienced any of the sorts (imbalances, "OP" stuff etc) from playing crowdfunded projects with this setup?

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@keyvin said:

Am I a collector or a hoarder?

Humans are collectors by nature.

You do seem to display a hoarding pattern though. If you have no desire to play games any more, I'd suggest getting some help if you can't just stop on your own. You seem in the clear enough to realize it's an issue, or at least contradictory to your wishes, and should as such mark it as something that's not healthy for you.

Don't throw everything out though. There may come that rainy spring or autumn evening, where the itch suddenly returns. I know it did for me.

The Emperor Protects, brother.