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High average scores a case of fanboyism, or is my game broken? 0

  Review for the single-player part of Killzone 2.  When it comes to FPS games I am the kind of guy who sits down and plays them through in one go. I'd do this with any games I come across, but FPS games have the decency of being short enough for it to actually be doable. I played Killzone 2 on the Veteran difficulty, on my first playthrough, and this is what I have to say about it:  Summed up, Killzone 2 is not remarkable, and certainly not the "Answer to the 360's Gears of War", it is in fact...

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Beat your thoughts to the mould of your Will. 0

For too long have we starved for a game that makes war feel like actual bloody war, where a battlefield essentially can be picked assunder and rendered into a dead, flat and cratered field. A game in which there is no cutting back on the ammo, and where the "strategy" aspect is employed in the sense of countering someone's counter of your counter; not who is the best at rushing his enemy as early as possible and winning cheap victories. Enough ranting, review.Dawn of War 2 delivers a solid if a ...

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Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none. 0

Dawn of War: Soulstorm is supposedly the third and final expansion of the successful franchise Relic created through hard work, dedication and the Emperor's guidance. This time around however it is the creators behind Titan Quest; Iron lore, making their first and only supplement to the RTS genre, and it sadly shines through like a sun through a magnifying glass.I have quite a few points to explain why the game is not like its predecessors. I could simply wrap it up with "I really wanted this ga...

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