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Eww at @brad calling AI vs AI a videogame trope. It's an awesome FEATURE! :P

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So this game...

This game is just Sonic the Hedgehog, isn't it?

There's the dash, the momentum, the bouncy pads, the flippers, the spin jump. I mean, there's the water spray thing, but otherwise...

Watch that trailer again and mentally sub in Sonic. Now tell me it couldn't have been Sonic the Hedgehog Sunshine.

See, and a lot of the reviews mention Sonic but I'm just not seeing it. It looks more like Donkey Kong Country's Rambi sections with maybe a little Metal Slug thrown in for flavor.

EDIT: Okay, the pinball section shown there is a pretty Sonic thing to have in there.

Yeah, in general this reminds me a lot more of DKC than Sonic.

From what I played, I'd say more DKC but can see Sonic. Just a lot of stomping on things and rolling through bad guys!

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Played this at EGX. Was pleasantly surprised.

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It's hard to be impressed by this game because even though its a small team and crowd funded it doesn't look as nice or have the amount of stuff something like Vanguard Princess has

yeah anime tiddies but this was made by one dude for free! Compared to Yatagarasu's static backgrounds and blocky sprites this looks high res, even if it's the same resolution.

What is with sexualising most of the female characters in these fighting games? And the ones in your example look like kids. Are they made by virgins or something?

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Looks "fucking sweet" indeed. Need to grab this.

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Zane Lowe isn't British!

Also: he's terrible.

Zane Lowe is awesome. Introduced me to a lot of cool bands that you'd not expect on radio. Like Crystal Castles.

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Congrats Jeff on losing weight and cutting back on fast food!

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53:24 - 1:12:39

No Man's Sky discussion, in case anyone wanted the timestamps. Some cool details in there, like the time of day stuff.

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Tamoor talking about the arabic writing on Counter Strike or liking Assassin's Creed more just because Altair is there as a rare arab protagonist, reminded me of loving Dreamfall Chapters just because there are muslim NPCs in the town and as some of the supporting characters. Others might not care about it to affect their opinion or connection to the piece of media, but for me it's a nice bit of inclusion.

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Agreed with Jeff that the shooting still feels "off". The lack of hit reactions doesn't help that spongy feeling. Weak AI is another problem. I thought they would have improved on those fundamentals, cause they're always updating all the exterior meta stuff that I'd expect the internals were also being worked on.