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"Your chi is all crooked."

I was eating and literally choked hearing that! HAHA

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I went to Twitch to see what the game is like at higher difficulties, but nobody's streaming it right now and all of the archives are muted because it's a music game. Good job, Twitch!


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Not surprised uncultured GAMERS don't know about CLAIRE DE LUNE! haha just kidding

Disappointing to hear about the lack of enemy and weapon variety and stealth being underutilised. And the story aspects being bad. At least RE 4 had a handful of scares. Thank you for the well-detailed review. Think I'll go with Alien Isolation, which I feel might be more special than this RE4-not-as-good retread.

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@assinass: I have, but I've only just got to the part where you first encounter the Xenomorph

You can't really fight most of the enemies, maybe the androids but haven't come upon humans yet. Either way, it's a stealth game that is doing right by me. Mark of the Ninja, you can ghost through that entire game if you wanted to, and are rewarded handsomely for it (there's even a ghost special outfit to help with that).

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@jonny_anonymous said:

Am I the only person that enjoys proper stealth games anymore? Everybody seems to want uber power trips like Shadow of Mordor but I actually like it when you can't really fight any of the enemies and you HAVE to sneak by them to live.

Have you played Alien Isolation?

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Need. To. Play. Painkiller. Again.

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I think I'll wait for Alien: Isolation to drop in price. I'm interested in checking it out, but between this and the Quick Look I feel like I've seen most of what it has to offer, and it doesn't seem like much. I'll spend that $60 on something else down the line; maybe The Evil Within.

I've heard the opposite, that it has quite a lot of variety.

“It’s too long!”

When my editor handed me Isolation to review, I was pretty excited. I love the original film. Like, really love it. But I was still unsure about it, because I thought it might be little more than a long, gruelling game of hide-and-seek. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that, in fact, the game is full of variety and brilliantly paced.

As I say in my review, it’s constantly mixing things up to keep you engaged: removing or adding parameters to the stealth, mixing up enemy types, and shifting between different environments. I wasn’t bored once, nor did I ever feel like repetition was setting in. Games can be too long, but I never felt like Isolation outstayed its welcome. I was actually a little disappointed when it ended, because I’d fallen so hard for that world and atmosphere, and I’ll be starting my second playthrough tonight.

I really don’t understand accusations that it’s too long or that it repeats itself. I think one of its greatest strengths is that it doesn't just recycle the same set-piece over and over again. The alien is a constant threat throughout the game, but the different layout of each area you face it in, the variety of gadgets on offer, and its dynamic AI means it never feels like you’re just going through the motions.

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Loved the hell out of Neverending Nightmares, glad I played it and did all three branches. The best of what a horror game should be: disturbing, tragic, and ambiguous. Still need to play DreadOut and Alien Isolation, but definitely one of my favourite horror games of 2014. Hope more people check it out.

Also, nice to spot Alexander Bruce (and Adam Sessler) in there:

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Cannot wait! Fanboy squeal

This and Broken Sword are my favourite adventure game franchises. Love the characters so much.

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Finished it, loved it.